iPhone 4 Wins MWC 2011’s Best Mobile Device Award Hands Down

This may come as a surprise to some of you but I think the majority of the world’s smartphone users would have expected this news. Best Mobile Device award this year went to Apple’s iPhone 4 at the MWC in Barcelona.

Apple once again did not attend the event as they are well known for being against it. This didn’t seem to affect the popularity with the judges at this event, who said the device ‘set the pace for smartphones.’ The HTC Desire came highly commended.

This news comes from Slashgear who say other device makers can’t have felt good about losing out to a company that didn’t show up. They say the judges describe the iPhone 4 as having a sharp design, great screen, phenomenal ecosystem for app developers and fantastic materials.

Other awards that were up for grabs were the Best Device Manufacturer which went to HTC, who were responsible for last year’s Best Mobile Device and as Apple Insider report, a Best Mobile App award which went to Rovio and co. for Angry Birds. Judges describing the game as ‘catapulting the benchmark for mobile gaming.’

You can see who else won awards at the MWC 2011 by visiting Apple Insider where they also have a list of app award winners for each individual OS platform. Let us know what you think of the results? Do you think Apple deserve their award?



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