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How The iPhone Beats Sony NGP And Nintendo 3DS

Who would have thought one day that the iPhone would be giving the handheld gaming market a run for their money? For years the PSP and the Nintendo DS were considered the best, with the latter top of the tree. Both have new devices coming, the Sony NGP and Nintendo 3DS. So how does the iPhone beat the competition?

We would not like to stand up and shout out that one is much better than the other, as this takes a lot of study, but we were intrigued by an article on Bit Mob, as the author said that he did not own a smartphone. However, he did say that if he could afford one then he would trade in his PSP and DS for a device that offers games via apps – sound familiar?

We have hit on this subject before, about there not being a future for handheld gaming devices – so maybe there is some truth in it after all? He said that the idea of the 3DS was awesome, as the graphics are much better than the previous model, but it is Nintendo’s poor app store attempt that could hamper its popularity.

The Sony NGP looks much more promising than the 3DS, this has something to do with its performance, which is said to be as powerful as the PS3. However, both still seem to be miles behind the iPhone in terms of going much further to offer a better gaming experience. Could you just imagine what it would be like if Apple got serious about gaming; would that be yet another market they will conquer?

Interestingly enough, Inside Beat has said that the Sony NGP will fail completely, one because of its price and two because they have lost touch with the Nintendo 3DS and how they have kept things simple.

Do you think that the iPhone will eventually be king of the handhelds, as it is with smartphones?



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