How The iPhone Beats Sony NGP And Nintendo 3DS

By Peter Chubb - Feb 17, 2011

Who would have thought one day that the iPhone would be giving the handheld gaming market a run for their money? For years the PSP and the Nintendo DS were considered the best, with the latter top of the tree. Both have new devices coming, the Sony NGP and Nintendo 3DS. So how does the iPhone beat the competition?

We would not like to stand up and shout out that one is much better than the other, as this takes a lot of study, but we were intrigued by an article on Bit Mob, as the author said that he did not own a smartphone. However, he did say that if he could afford one then he would trade in his PSP and DS for a device that offers games via apps – sound familiar?

We have hit on this subject before, about there not being a future for handheld gaming devices – so maybe there is some truth in it after all? He said that the idea of the 3DS was awesome, as the graphics are much better than the previous model, but it is Nintendo’s poor app store attempt that could hamper its popularity.

The Sony NGP looks much more promising than the 3DS, this has something to do with its performance, which is said to be as powerful as the PS3. However, both still seem to be miles behind the iPhone in terms of going much further to offer a better gaming experience. Could you just imagine what it would be like if Apple got serious about gaming; would that be yet another market they will conquer?

Interestingly enough, Inside Beat has said that the Sony NGP will fail completely, one because of its price and two because they have lost touch with the Nintendo 3DS and how they have kept things simple.

Do you think that the iPhone will eventually be king of the handhelds, as it is with smartphones?

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  • Person

    So why would anyone dislike the NGP? I mean, you can dislike the price but besides that it's going to be awesome, and it's not like something has to be so simple that they basically just talk about the games, touchscreen and graphics right?? The 3DS won't be as good but it will still be ok. It has decent graphics and the 3D should be ok, although they should've done more than include 3D.
    But seriously, the iPhone isn't a gaming system, it's a phone. The NGP will do everything the iPhone does (except make calls) plus more. And what's with this whole "yet another market they will conquer"? They haven't 'conquered' anything except the smartphones. And somehow the ngp and 3ds are behind?? I don't think so. Ngp is basically a portable ps3 with extras such as 3G and touchscreen, which automatically makes it better than anything apple will ever make. The 3ds is also more advanced, as it has 3d and better graphics. Did this guy even look up either of the ngp or 3ds??????

  • Awad.A

    I guess the iPhone has some advantages over the 3DS and NGP,
    But in reality, gaming is just an app on the iPhone, while gaming is the body and soul of the 3DS and NGP.

  • Guest

    …. Apple Fanboy…..

  • AAM

    Not really most of the games on iphone are simple unlike the games on ngp or 3ds. Personnally i would want games like uncharted or killzone are something like that. NGP will take the market first because it won't cost like 599 and second because they have increase their graphics and performance cappabilties. I don't want 3d technoligy i want goood performance and goood games.

  • Ben

    "The Sony NGP looks much more promising than the 3DS, this has something to do with its performance, which is said to be as powerful as the PS3."

    Umm, how did that help the PSP last time. I love Nintendo and maybe I'm even a fanboy but I'm not blind, I know the PSP had much better graphics, was more powerful and was a multimedia player but yet the original DS couldn't even play music let alone videos like the PSP could but yet the DS has double the worldwide sales.

    Why? Because pure power doesn't sell consoles, look at the PS3 sales. Sheesh, this was a terrible article not because I don't agree but because it was terribly researched, too short and it comes to warped and quick conclusion.

    Its also unbalance because you say the NGP is better than the 3DS because of power but yet the iPhone is better even though its less powerful than the NGP.
    /Rant over

    And yes I do believe the iPhone is a credible threat purely because with increasing prices people might choose to buy a phone instead of having to buy a phone and a dedicated gaming hand held.

  • Chris

    At E3 a couple of years ago, Mr. Miyamoto was comparing sales between Nintendo and it's rivals. Of course it was winning, Wii was on top (This was before that me too crap Sony and Microsoft pulled hurt sales a little) and the DS was destroying the PSP. The next statistic was shown, and they where crushing both he DS and PSP, It was then reviled to be the iPhone. I buried that at the back of my head for awhile, but this article caused it to re-surface. Now I see an important detail overlooked by both you and Nintendo, People are not buying the iPhone for it's games, It is because it is a phone. It was not built for games, but to allow you to call uncle Joe or aunt Sue. People are not going to buy the iPhone over the 3DS or PSP2, nor are Natsume or Activision going to stop production targeted at real gamers to make almost-games for the iPhone.

  • Lunias

    The iPhone fails in terms of hardcore gaming. It has no memory cards for storage, so your space is limited. It has less processing power than the NGP. It has NO BUTTONS. You can't look at Apple, wondering if they would be good game producers, because they aren't. They make smartphones, computers, and mp3 players. Not gaming devices.

  • M_W

    Wha… 3DS and NGP miles behind Iphone? Bagging on the 3DS? What planet do you live on? Do I even have to go into why I-devices don't compare to dedicated handhelds?

    As for the latter comment, are you anywhere close to aware just how much of a sucess the original DS was? How much support Nintendo will have right out the gate, plus their own quality offerings? The 3DS is *the* system to beat in the handheld wars so far, and the new features of the device are looking really interesting.

    I'm not trying to be spiteful here, but a doing a little research and giving the article some thought before you post it would be a good idea next time.

  • ThinkAbout It First

    LOL! Apple controlling the game industry, in your wildest f@!%ing dreams maybe. Apple is using a very risky risky market model. This model would eventually collapse on itself. Besides one company will never be able to single handedly take out Nintendo. Nintendo does their homework, they listen to what consumers want and then they deliver. Sony tried this, and while it worked a little bit for them they themselves couldn't even surrpass Nintendo.
    Also how should we define an app? Is it something downloadable that is a game or maybe a book or even a voice morpher? If you call a game an app well then isn't Nintendo's eShop for the 3DS an app store for games and other nick nacks. Nintendo did have a "App" store before Apple. It was on the Wii and then it popped up on DSi.
    So if Apple ever wiped out the "BIG 3" from the gaming market, well they fall flat on their faces soon after. It doesn't help to be to ambious, cough Apple cough.

  • I am not a dedicated fanboy to any company
    I got an ipod touch, droid2 phone, DS, PSP
    and preorded my 3DS and will get the PSP2 when that hits.
    I'm leaning towards 3DS more in that battle because of the always great 3rd party support. Hoping NGP will have better than the PSP.

    But ipod and android games I don't see dominating the market, I have about 40 games on my ipod I bought for the RPG sprites, and a few games like dead space and RE 4.
    It gives a little fix on wanting to play games, but none of the games seem to suck me in like PSP or DS games.

    There isn't a lot of games that have as much depth or size as the PSP/DS.
    Mostly because I could see people complaining about the size it takes up on their iPhone, and the price they would charge for it.

    The app store it nice to see what people are making, and a cheap enough to go, ok, ill try it. but after spending 2-5 bucks, I play once or twice then you put it down.
    For my droid GBA emu and using wii controller is great, but still don't play it as much.

    I don't think iPhone or android phones will beat Sony or nintendo in dedicated gaming area, its definitely ment for more casual gaming. And I want buttons, not full touch screen when I play games.
    The lack of app on a 3DS wont bother me, thats what full fledge games are for. The cards will be able to hold up to 8GB to a game and DLC it will offer is enough to make me happy.

  • anon

    Apple Fanboi. Who moderates the articles on this site!?

  • waldo

    So; when will Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy will be as fun in a touch only interface? I don't think so. The iPhone is good for casual games (Ex. Angry Birds);however, it cannot provide a full fledge gaming experience like a Nintendo 3DS or NGP.

    This article is comparing "Apples" with Oranges…

  • Sorry? "miles behind…. in offering a better gaming experience" What? Please go and try playing Sonic 4 or Resident Evil on the iPhone, then try them on the 3DS/NGS when they come out.

    The difference is beyond night and day, in fact its a good few revolutions beyond… Also, developers will be challenged by 3DS and NGP to do new things ( whereas all the iPhone has is a semi-novel control method that hampers most game types, so that developers have to reduce and remove features for games to fit in.

    Games work better on games consoles, novelties work well on iPhone – even stuff that should work like point and click adventures have become unnatural and stilted (see Broken Sword).

    I won't argue there isn't a lot of money to be made from developers producing GOOD iPhone games, but gamers have a far different set of expectations than general phone users do and are rarely impressed by anything that the App Store can offer.

  • Joe

    Well your logic is flawed at the fundamental level. What is better than Iphone? Android! What system fully supports android and its apps? NGP! Therefor by simple logic the NGP will be the best because the iPhone beats 3ds and NGP, Android beats Iphone, and NGP beats Android…

  • Darren

    As much as I understand the appeal of iPhone, what people never seem to mention in these articles is that the NGP will have access to the Android marketplace, as well as traditional console type games. That means it will have access to all the same iPhone 'quick fix' type games, with touch and motion controls, as well as 'proper games'.

    Doesn't this negate a lot of the arguments against it not being needed. It covers both bases, and will enable people to have snack gaming and extend their console play time.

  • James

    The NGP is clearly the best of the three. The iPhone can't offer half the experience of a dedicated console like the NGP! Stupid Apple fanboy >:( Why are they letting deluded retards write articles on here?!