Batman USB Flash Drive – ‘Kick-Ass’ Memory

By Chris Cook - Feb 17, 2011

Here is some news that I’m sure you gadget geeks will appreciate, especially if you’re lacking memory space or need to take your saved data with you for whatever reason. Warner Bros. have teamed up with Mimoco to produce a series of Batman USB flash drives.

These MIMOBOT characters will include the Joker, Catwoman and Robin as well as the Dark Knight himself and are designed to look like the comic book drawings of today. The first USB dongle to come out of this partnership was released last month and designed to look like the 1939 Vintage Batman character. However it was only available in limited quantities.

Each individual character USB stick come ready loaded with content depending which character it is, such as Avatars, wallpapers, sounds and screensavers. These miniature crime fighter memory storage devices were spotted by Engadget who say they are ‘quite detailed in design.’

The flash drives are available for sale at Mimoco where you can get a closer look at the character likeness. The smallest memory stick is 2GB for $19.95 and the largest the 16GB will cost you $59.95.

What do you think of these handy devices? Would you pay this amount of money to get your favorite Batman characters as flash drives?

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  • jimmy

    Gee, it sounds like flash drives are going the same way as PEZ!