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New MacBook Air Vs Pro: Sale Volumes Compared

The new MacBook Air has high sale volumes when compared to the likes of the MacBook Pro. According to a recent report the thin Apple laptop has been selling around half of what the MacBook Pros are, which is very good considering it has been on the market for 6 months. So how come the 2010 Air is more popular than the older models?

One would presume that it has something to do with the newer design and the inclusion of a few standard features, such as an SD card port and two USB ports. I know that this sounds basic, but these were missing from the original MacBook Air – the one I am writing on as we speak.

There had been rumors before the 2010 refresh that Apple would discontinue the Air, but these healthy sales figures courtesy of AppleInsider suggest that there is still plenty of life in the device. We cannot say for certain if the 2011 MacBook Air would be able to offer more competition to the Pro update coming in March, but rumors of an upgrade to the Sandy Bridge CPU will be very welcome.

The one area that needs updating the most is the processor, if rumors are true, then the Pro will have to look over its shoulder, as competition will not be from rival brands, but in-house instead. On a personal note, I have held off getting the new MacBook Air, as I felt that there was not enough of a performance upgrade. However, if recent rumors are true, then I will certainly be updating to the new 2011 MacBook Air.

The reason why I have chosen the Air over the MacBook Pro is because I travel a lot, and the former is much easier to carry around than the latter.



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