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iPad, iPhone 4 Compatible FoxLv2 Bluetooth Speaker From Soundmatters

If like me you enjoy listening to your favorite tracks wherever you go, but appear a little bit strange to the onlookers when you’re dancing around to music they can’t hear because you have earphones in, then we have some exciting news for you.

Soundmatters, who are responsible for producing portable speakers, have designed a pocket size Bluetooth speaker called the FoxLv2 capable of sound pure enough to satisfy all music lovers. It is manufactured purposefully for the iPad and iPhone 4. Although the FoxLv2 was designed with the Apple devices in mind it can be used with other devices that have a music source, with wired as well as Bluetooth versions available.

As Slashgear’s article explains this miniature amplifier packs a rechargeable battery, which is charged via USB, capable of 8 hours playing time and measures up as 1.4”D x 2.2”H x 5.6”W. It also allows the battery to act as a woofer using BassBattery technology and has a frequency ranging from 20 kHz to 80 kHz. It can also be used to take speakerphone calls thanks to its microphone, meaning you can accept calls without picking your iPhone up.

An article at MacDirectory says that the man behind this design is Physicist and Astronomer Dr. Godehard Guenther, who used to work for NASA until he left in the 80s to pursue his love for sound and music.

What do you think of the FoxLv2? Let us know your thoughts.



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