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Borrowing From Air For MacBook Pro 2011

Rumors of the new MacBook Pro for 2011 have been intensifying over the past few days, such as release dates and what features we can expect. However, we have just learned from MacRumors that the new Pro model will have a few design cues taken from the current MacBook Air. What these are we can only guess, but maybe Apple might be going for a slightly slimmer look?

Having said that, the MacBook Air is also said to be getting another refresh; but we do not expect it to be at the same time. Depending who you listen to, most would agree that the new 2011 MacBook Pro will be released in March, as this sticks with the 8-month release cycle of the previous four updates.

The idea of a slimmer form-factor for the Pro is an interesting one, as Apple will have to do something clever to pack all that you get in the Pro – such as the SuperDrive and a better graphics card. Its not like they have not done it before, but they have to get the balance right, as we have seen the issue with the Air about packing so much in.

We already know that the MacBook Air will get an upgrade to the Sandy Bridge Core i5 and i7 processors, and this is something that we hope will happen, as CPU upgrades have been a bit stagnant over the years – maybe 2011 will be different? Another thing that needs to be improved is the issue with running hot; although this was made a little better with the current model.

What changes do you expect to see in the new MacBook Pro?


  • kiwi

    Come on Apple…drop the superdrive – don’t need it! Buy an external superdrive if you want/need it. Give me a slick “Macbook Air-like” Macbook Pro 15 please!


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