WP7 IE9 vs. iPhone 4 Safari: Comparison Video Laughable

By Jamie Pert - Feb 15, 2011

When buying a high-end smartphone these days a lot of people want to experience the best web browsing capabilities on offer, a recent video posted on Cnet shows how Internet Explorer 9 running on Windows Phone 7 seriously outperforms Safari running on iPhone 4.

We have embedded the video at the end of this post, it shows IE9 running on an unnamed WP7 smartphone running the FishIE Tank speed test, the performance is then compared to the iPhone 4 running Safari enduring the same test, the iPhone 4’s poor performance gets a laugh from the audience.

The video then goes on to show many different aspects of IE9 for WP7, from what the video shows it looks pretty impressive, however lets not forget that it won’t go public until late 2011, between now and then we will probably see a new and improved version of Safari rolled out, and potentially an iPhone 5 release, which will undoubtedly perform better on the FishIE Tank speed test.

If you have never ran the FishIE tank speed test you can run it here, basically the more frames-per-second your browser achieves with the more fish on the screen the better, the video embedded at the end of this post shows just how important IE9’s hardware acceleration capabilities are.

Obviously just because IE9 outperforms Safari in this benchmark test it doesn’t mean that it is a superior browser, however it is nice to know that Microsoft are working hard on their mobile web browser, let’s face it Internet Explorer hasn’t exactly been pushing the boundaries lately.

Are you entirely happy with Apple Safari’s web browsing experience on your iPhone 4?

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  • Alfred. E. Neuman

    Any way to replace sorry Safari on the iPhone w/another
    wowzer browser?

  • jrbrassard

    safari on my iphone 4 is crap. It loads things badly and often has checker boards when I scroll. I lve my iPhone but the browser sucks a lot. Much better experience on my friend's Android phone.

    • dagu

      Even better on wp7. =]

      • glonq

        You're funny, dago.

        • Socius

          Lol. Yeah WP7's browser is crap. It's currently its weakest point. The ie9 update will fix that…but for now, it's kinda terrible. It's not as bad as the Blackberry browser…but that's really not much to compare it to. 😛