Unrealized hope, GTA 5 2011 release and swearing option

By Peter Chubb - Feb 15, 2011

A few days ago Tina Chubb wrote an article that looked at the release date confusion of GTA 5, and when looking more closely, it seems as if it is an unrealized hope that Grand Theft Auto 5 would be released in 2011. We get into this a bit more later, but we would also like to revisit an old subject on the release of a new GTA and the swearing options.

We can still remember when Daniel Chubb first discussed the issue of swearing and a possible option to turn it off. As you can imagine this got a huge response, but most were against what he said. Knowing Dan I felt that I should explain a little more about what he meant.

It’s understandable that just having swearing off so a child could play was stupid, as there is much worse going on in the game. However, Dan was thinking more about when an adult is playing the game in one room and kids in another – not nice for them to hear all that swearing now is it?

Some of you will now be saying that kids should not be around listening, but those of you with children will know that this is an impossible task. Whether GTA 5 gets released in 2011 or 2012 is anyone’s guess, but an option to turn the swearing off is still something that Rockstar should explore.

There seems to be so much discussion about GTA 5 still being released in 2011, with a November date kicking around, but Game Podunk says that games such as L.A. Noire might make this a little hard. The reason for this is Rockstar does not want any other game with the same format taking the shine off GTA 5.

Do you still think it is a good idea to be able to turn swearing off in GTA 5, or is this something that will never happen?

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  • Jeff

    Make it an option. You used to be able to play games with the blood turned off. That should be the beauty of video games compared to movies, they can be dynamically customizable. What if I don't want to hear swearing?

  • Not Impressed

    I just found this site for the first time, and on the strength of this p!$$ poor overly pc article, I won't be back.

  • frank

    So rather than just buying a pair of headphones and using them when you play, you want them to implement a new option to accomodate you? Yeah, that's genius.

  • wallis

    Turning the volume down doesn't work as then you can't hear dialogue relating to the mission you're doing and therefore can't follow the story line. A 'G' rated option for when kids are around is a great idea. If you don't have kids or you're a bogan who swears in front of your kids then you won't understand. Swearing, blood & hitting pedestrians with a car could all be implemented in a "G" rating option. I hate sitting 30cm away from my plasma with headphones in trying to follow the story line between missions. And my kids love driving around in cars in the cities. But with radio stations off. And no footpath driving.

  • Chris

    its grand theft auto, you can't just turn swearing off

    • Ralf magillacudy


  • Sam

    Everything is censored nowadays, movies, tv, games. They're so afraid of nudity, violence and bad language. Watching the last die hard without any swearing really was something. This is just plain stupid. I've been playing violent games and listening to bad bad lyrics in music in hiding since my mother was afraid of it. Didn't make me a bad person. Soon, we won't be able to show a girl in bikini anymore, to much skin, someone could have hurt feelings somewhere in the solar system.

    People swear all the time everywhere, I don't see what's so bad about it. Who decided this was such a bad thing to say those evil words.

    If good parents do a good job on raising their kids, a game won't change anything at it. Stop censoring everything every time, freedom of speech god damn it!

    • Ralf magillacudy

      You don’t get the meaning of freedom of speech. Without the freedom of speech we could not talk publicly at all. Without the freedom of speech there would be no news reports no weather reports. When people swear it’s as if you aren’t thank full for the ability to talk. Without the freedom of speech we would have no schools and we would have to hide when we talk. Didn’t you read the Constitution when you where a kid? I never swore in my life but now that people are influencing me i’m starting to fall into that trap. People do it because they don’t think a God exist’s well they are wrong. Why is the world we see so beautiful. There is no way this happened on accident. I mean animals can’t even see this because they are color bind the only reason this world is so beautiful is so that we can enjoy the colors as we work to keep our world this beautiful please bear with me on this God will help you please just ask him to forgive you the lord made the earth so beautiful and you can thank him for that by bowing before him and saying i’m sorry that’s all you have to say and he will help you through out your life he gave his son for you, me, everyone in the world.And when your mortal body on earth dies your immortal sole will go to heaven where the streets are made of gold and where there is a crystal pond where the water is never too dirty or to cold you will have the best time ever and guess what, you get to stay there eternally how do I know this the Holy Book called the “Holy Bible”.. If you don’t accept Gods gift you will go to a place of darkness a place of fire and sadness you would regret all you did in your life. WHOSE WITH ME! like if you are and sam if you have any questions just reply to this reply.                         

  • nikobellic

    I'd rather they work on the graphics instead. My rig has 4GB DDR3 RAM with Nvidia Geforce 9600MGT 1GB DDR2 and even with the DDR2 I can run Black ops maxed out @ 1080p with 4x antialiasing and it looks better graphically with 50+ frames per second. GTA 4 I run at 720p with medium settings and I only get 10fps at the max and rarely 16.

  • dirty sanchez

    enough with this swearing option nonsense already!!!! i rather them bring back dismemberments from gta 3

  • The Kinected Gamer

    Last time I checked, there is still a mute button on the remote, press it when there are children near by.

  • paul

    I hope the pc version will not be rubbish as 4 was it was a good game but a poor console port of the game .