Nintendo 3DS Price (UK): Tesco want just £158

By Jamie Pert - Feb 15, 2011

If you live in the UK and have been looking to buy the Nintendo 3DS we have some great news for you regardings its price, Tesco will sell you the aqua blue model for just £157.60.

At the time of this post this impressive price makes Tesco £39.40 cheaper than Amazon, £41.40 cheaper than Asda and £62.39 cheaper than Argos, however it doesn’t look like this super-cheap price tag will be available for the cosmo black variant, this still costs £197.00, hopefully this will change soon.

The 3DS will become available in Europe on March 25th, therefore there is still plenty of time for other retailers to offer more competitive prices, however I very much doubt that prices will get much cheaper than this.

If you would like to pre-order your aqua blue Nintendo 3DS check out the listing on, Tesco claim that all pre-orders will be delivered on March 25th so unless you want to queue up for yours at midnight buy yours now while the offer is still available.

Did you pre-order yours today?

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