New iPhone 5: Slide Out Keyboard – Would you want one?

By Alan Ng - Feb 15, 2011

Considering all the recent iPhone 5 related news that we have been telling you about recently, we now have an interesting twist which you’ll definitely want to know about. How would you feel if the iPhone 5 ended up with a slide-out keyboard?

As reported from BGR, rumors have surfaced over at, who are claiming that Apple are now in the process of testing as many as three potential iPhone 5 models, with one of them including a slide-out keyboard.

Yeah, you are probably as surprised as we are on this one, as it seems almost unheard of for Apple to even think about putting a hardware keyboard on the iPhone as we all know they have grown to love their virtual one, and it pretty much does the job very well.

Take a look at the picture below, this could actually be an accurate design for an iPhone 5 with a keyboard, if Apple decides to go down that route – how does it look for you?

Personally speaking, we’re not too sure. If Apple does decide to include a keyboard, we feel they would have to offer a secondary model for those that don’t wish to use it. Or better yet, build it so the keyboard can be detached and stored away easily – now there’s a neat idea for you Apple.

Let us know your thoughts on an iPhone 5 model with a keyboard. Would it be a hit or not?

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  • wolfy

    i love my Nokia still have nokia with antina the old one im using.. im still waitting for iphon 5..

  • chelsea

    why is`t taking so long come on

  • gsmith

    i love the iphone 4 but i cant wait until the new iphone 5's come out… especially if it's going to look like that. 🙂

  • that guy

    lol. nice of apple to do that, but simply it not interesting. Why would we want a iphone with a physical keyboard when there are dozen's of android phones with physical keyboards already and probably cheaper.