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MWC 2011: Windows Phone 7 – Multitasking Release Date Update

We recently informed you that Microsoft would be bringing their copy and paste update to Windows Phone 7 devices sometime during March, but now the company has given us much more details, during their presser at Mobile World Congress 2011.

As reported from Engadget, Steve Ballmer announced that not only would WP7 devices be getting copy and paste, but they’ll also receive an update which enables multitasking for third party apps – hows that for a Valentine’s Day treat?

That’s not all either, as Microsoft also confirmed that Internet Explorer 9 for Mobile and Twitter integration is on the way as part of the updates too, and that a release has been scheduled during the first weeks of March.

Perhaps this is Microsoft’s way of saying sorry for the copy and paste delays, as we never expected third party app multitasking to drop so soon, it now means that in just a few weeks time, users will have copy and paste, multitasking, ie9 and Twitter support to play around with. Let’s hope this major update is the first of many to come during the rest of the year.

It now seems logical that this update is the rumored Mango or Apollo updates, which you may remember us telling you about last year. If you have a WP7 device, let us know your thoughts on the upcoming additions. Are you pleased with what you’re getting, or are you still after one specific feature?

You can watch the MWC reveal video below, letting you see a demo of the upcoming features on screen. The video has been shot by the guys over at Unwired View.


  • Anony

    I think Alan is one of those "writers" that contributes to the rumors… (btw, Alan, you should take a little time to actually comprehend the news you read… only then should you be allowed to spread it around)

  • Joe

    I think the writer of this story is mistaken.
    the C&P and speed increases are due in march.

    the Multi-Tasking, ie9, twitter etc were just stated as in 2011


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