MacBook Pro 2011, the 8-month release trend

By Peter Chubb - Feb 15, 2011

I had a very strange conversation with a family member the other day, when they said to me that there would not be an iPhone 5 this year. I then told them that Apple launch a new phone every year, and has done since 2007. This also applies to the MacBook Pro, as there has been an 8-month release trend; so the 2011 model is due out soon.

We had reported that the new MBP would be released in March, but there have been some reports that this will happen this month – I’m not convinced. One MacRumors Forum member said that the MacBook Pro updates were 10 months apart, but the last four have been 8 months, so which will it be?

Some of you may wonder why Apple refresh these out of cycle and not stick with a once a year update like they do with the iPhone? The answer to this is very simple; technology with computers seems to move at a much faster rate. How long did it take computers to jump from single-core to dual-core to quad-core compared to smartphones?

If I were a betting man then I would say that the new 2011 version of the MacBook Pro would be released in March, but I am not. We still do not know what things Apple will update, but a faster CPU and maybe better battery technology would be top of the list.

Do you think that Apple will release a new MacBook Pro soon, or will this release trend begin to slow?

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  • MacGirl

    Amazon only has a few of the current MacBook Pros left. Period. And they haven't had any 17-inch models for about a month… Hopefully they'll be out soon because I'm ready to replace my 5-year-old original MacBook.

  • Mix

    Its already been 10 months as 8 moths came and went on December the 13th.

  • Yes

    The 15" needs 1680×1050 to be standard
    and 1920×1200 as an option.

  • Nick Nikon

    I read a report on 9to5 mac a week ago saying that the macbook pro would be updated last Wednesday. I think the marketing team at apple is nothing less than genius, they manage to build so much hype around their products by keeping such a tight lid on things. Heck, I'm a PC guy and I can't even wait until the new MBP comes out!!

    • I hear you they truly are a marketing machine. The hype alone keeps their sales very high.