HTC Desire vs. HTC Desire S: No Reason To Upgrade

By Jamie Pert - Feb 15, 2011

Mobile World Congress 2011 kicked off yesterday and we have already seen some impressive devices unveiled, however one smartphone which failed to impress many was the HTC Desire S, this is an upgraded and refined HTC Desire, however not a huge amount has changed.

Let’s start with the difference in size and weight, the original Desire measured in at 119 x 60 x 11.9mm and weighed 135 grams, the new Desire S is smaller in every way, and lighter, however there is not a lot in it, it measures in at 115 x 59.8 x 11.63mm and weighs 130 grams, also the screen size and resolution is identical.

In terms of performance hardware there is not a great deal different, the original Desire featured a 1GHz Qualcomm QSD 8250 Snapdragon processor, 512MB ROM and 576MB RAM, as for the Desire S it has a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8255 Snapdragon processor, 1.1GB ROM and 768MB RAM.

Software wise both run Google Android and utilize HTC’s Sense UI, however the original Desire shipped with Android 2.1 Eclair and an update to Android 2.2 FroYo was rolled out, as for the Desire S this will ship with Gingerbread and will undoubtedly receive an update in the future, the fact that the Desire S has been released suggests that the original Desire will not get a Gingerbread update.

There is not much difference in terms of connectivity, you still get 3G, GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and WiFi b/g, however the Desire S also features WiFi n support.

If you check out the HTC Desire specifications and the HTC Desire S specs you will find it hard to find much else which is different, the only other things worth mentioning are the HTC Desire S’ 720p video capture, larger capacity battery (by just 50mAh) and lack of the optical trackpad, even side-by-side there is not a lot of difference (see below).

Will you upgrade from the HTC Desire to the Desire S?

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  • Tim G

    I have the original Desire and I absolutely love it to bits. I am a fussy person when it comes to phones and what they can do and how easy it is for them to do it. This phone was bought as an unsuspected birthday present for me. Initially I quietly thought “Oh a Desire”, because I was looking at getting the Sensation XE, but once I got it out of the box and started to use it I thought “WOW, hello!!!”. I prefer the look and feel of the Desire to the Desire S, and it does everything I ask of it. I can’t fault it at all. I have loads of apps which I store on the 4Gb card and they run like a dream. A mate of mine who is an IT techy has an iphone and he actually prefers my Desire. I can see why, it’s a beauty of a phone. I LOVE THIS PHONE.

  • Dave

    I did upgrade & it sucks. Not sure if it's because mine is Vodafone branded or what but so far I'm really disappointed – quite a few Sense & browser features have either gone retrograde or are entirely absent. I reckon I'll be rooting it soon so that I can tweak these annoyances myself. Didn't need to root the original Desire, it just worked.

  • HoTDoG

    i have a HTC desire (Rooted) and i have been running a modded Gingerbread for a few weeks now. (cyanogen 7) and also there are also official RUU gingerbread roms already floating around the net!

  • Karmencilla

    I look foward to having it at home =) but when? =( anybody knows?

  • Quipps and HTC have confirmed a Gingerbread update for Desire!

  • Pippo

    Desire s has a frontal camera. Htc revealed that Desire will get gingerbread update.

  • You can record 720p video on the Desire.

  • Jimmy Michaels

    Wonka wanka… desire s has super-LCD, an upgrade from AMOLED

    • Cliff

      The only reason they changed from AMOLED to this super-LCD thing is because there's a shortage of AMOLED displays and not really an upgrade. True, this super-LCD may be better than the original AMOLED, but that's because you're comparing it to last year's technology. Since then, AMOLED kept improving, with the best one being the one on the new Samsung Galaxy S2. I'm not saying that you should buy the Galaxy S2 because of the screen or that the super-LCD, but personally if it was only slightly more expensive, I would go for the Galaxy S2. With the difference in price allegedly being some £200, I think Samsung just went crazy.

      But the original question was if I would upgrade from the Desire (which I own) to Desire S. My answer – no. First because I hate changing phones before they give me 2 years of service (it's really wasteful changing a phone after less than a year.. it should be a crime or something!). Secondly, because nothing major really changed.

      • Junior

        I agree with you on the reason why you would not upgrade to Desire S; for a 2011 release, I'm kind of disapointing of the minor changes seen on the Desire S.
        I would rather consider the "HTC Sensation" as a 2011 release of the Desire.

  • wonka wanka

    what about amoled screen display of desire?