Valentine’s Day Google Doodle: Logo History

By Peter Chubb - Feb 14, 2011

Google seems to have been working overtime over the past few days on their Homepage. There were two doodle’s last week (Jules Verne and Thomas Edison) but today there is a new one, which is to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Today’s one is based on a sculpture from Robert Indiana called “LOVE sculpture”. Keep thinking that this is not one of Google’s best.

As with most doodle’s visitors to the search engine would like to know the history behind it, and thankfully The Mirror has been doing its homework. Art fans will know that it was exhibited in New York City back in 1970, and was first designed for use on a Christmas card. There have been many other reproductions over the years, such as stamps etc, but none will have the audience as the Google Doodle.

You can be certain that people will not be happy with Google’s latest effort, as this is just a plain image, there is no interaction with this one. The first O has been replaced with a heart, with all the letters in red and green and blue background – nothing too exciting to talk about.

Over the years there have been a number of Google Doodle’s on Valentine’s Day, but cannot help but think that the team could not be a little more creative. There have been some great logos in the past, with Pacman being one of the best. What do you think Google could have done today?

Are you happy with today’s Doodle?

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