Procrastinators to Use Valentine’s Day Cards to Print

By Peter Chubb - Feb 14, 2011

Today is Valentine’s Day, so expect to see a load of husbands and boyfriends running around like headless chickens, as they have left things to the last minute yet again. Over the past couple of years I have forgotten to get my wife a card, but only because I have been on holiday – although my wife seems to remember to bring one along with her. If you are a little like me, then you can always choose to go on the Internet and print a card out for free.

I know that my wife and many other women out there would not be happy with this, but it seems that we have forgotten about the true meaning of the day – that’s commercialization for you. There are a number of ladies out there who loves the personal touch, drawing your own is always nice, but if you are no good at drawing then a downloadable printable card is seen as a nice gesture.

I can still remember being a child once many years ago, and I was so exited to get a Valentine’s card – wonder how many people still get that feeling? Going back to these free printable Valentines Day cards, the first thing you will need to do is make certain you have enough ink in your printer, failing that an eCard is another alternative.

There are a huge choice of websites to choose from, some better than the others; there are even some that specialize in cards for kids, such as FamilyFun. Two of the most popular websites has to be 123 Print Cards and Free Printable eCards. These are just a few that we could find, maybe you have a few other ideas for our readers?

What will you be doing for your loved one today?

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  • J G Marshall

    Joyeuse Valentin …. Happy Valentine’s Day ,,, a tous mes amis et famille/to all my friends & family …. XOXO …

  • Imagine what a world we would live in, if love grew on trees…

    Bonne St Saint Valentin, Sergine!



  • jasmine

    happy valentines day