Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1: Specs, Release Date Info and Video Review

By Alan Ng - Mar 8, 2011

We have some good news for those of you who are patiently waiting on updates for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Samsung has just confirmed the device at a pre-MWC 2011 event, but it will actually be called the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

The final name may surprise a lot of you, since it was generally thought that the device would be named the Galaxy Tab 2, not only because it’s the second generation Tab, but also to coincide with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S II which has just been confirmed also.

However, let’s get down to the real details here. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 will feature some pretty hardcore specs, and they include a 1Ghz dual-core processor, a 8 megapixel rear camera, 2mp front camera, 1080p recording and playback and a choice of either 16GB or 32GB of storage.

It will come with both 3G and WiFi support, and you’ll be pleased to know that the Tab 10.1 will also come equipped with Android 3.0 Honeycomb. As for release and carrier information, it will first be available in Asia and Europe sometime next month, with Vodafone looking to be the first carrier to release, according to Engadget.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any release information for US yet, or an indication on what price it will carry. Hopefully Samsung will price this fairly, and cheaper than the Motorola Xoom. An early contender for best Android Tablet on the market? – It certainly looks promising.

We’ve found an excellent video review over on YouTube for you to take a look at, courtesy of the guys at It gives you a first look of the device in action, and also an idea of just how smooth and responsive the Honeycomb UI is. Check out the video below and let us know your first impressions on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

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  • Aeomer

    There's an 8.9 inch version of the new TAB ,too. If you like the smaller screen then you can still have it. Confirmed on Samsung website. Basically it SGT 10.1 and SGT 8.9. The naming means the SGT2 can be used another day 😉

  • adoma123

    iI hope the next model is 3D without glasses

  • jaihin102

    well i have pre ordered it itz gonna come to me frresh new by the 1st if april profit of pre ordering – i m gonna get it before release date in india yeah itll cost me shipping chargest but anything for tab 2

  • Mohit B

    Guys, hold on….. Nokia is all set to brighten your eyes with its Pad which they might launch by May 2011.

    Also, with Win 7 compatibility and have nVidia graphics inside lots of possibility you can imagine.

  • zholy

    hope cheaper than Xoom.. .it’s too bad their getting rid of the 7 inch form factor. For me it’s just the right size in between a smartphone and a MPEG4 video.haha,recently I found a nice Aneesoft Free MPEG Video Converter.Just come in handy!

  • Crystal

    I have the Samsung Galaxy S phone and it is a great phone .. All i need is this .. The reviews sound like it is great so I'm gunna buy one now ..

  • James

    Looks amazing.

  • Not a fan of the iPad myself (though I owned 2 iPhones), but I agree when people say that the new Galaxy S II looks like a bad clone of the iPhone 4. Maybe this time they're copying the design of the Streak? Hahaha…

    • James

      Oh shut up. It's not even the shape of the iPhone 4. It's significantly thinner, lighter and better looking than the iPhone 4, and it's features blow the iPhone's out of the water. This is a way better device, so stop complaining, idiot.

      • Marikel

        FAIL iPhone 4 is a shit load betterrrrrrrrrr lmfao

        • jonny

          OK thicko,

          You can't read then!!!! dual core! 8mp Camera! 1650mAh Bat! just 3 of about 20 reasons why the SII is better.

          Jog On Fan Boy

        • Ken

          is this a joke? or r u being serious? if ur being serious then this is the most stupid thing i ever heard, and u either have no clue about technology, or u r the type of person that likes everything that everyone else likes… (following the fads)

          Anyways. pay attention, u will soon find out that This Galaxy 10.1 tab beats any ios device, easily. as do most current Android devices. (phones and tabs, most of them beat Iphone4/Ipad2 10x over.

          So just try to do ur research, before u come out and make a stupid statement like that…or if u were just kidding then u should put a "JK" after……