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Killzone 3 Leaked Online Way Before Release Date

You may have read our article yesterday where reported that a leaked version of Crysis 2 had made its way on to torrent sites, now we can confirm that Killzone 3 has also leaked, this comes nine days before the game’s North American release date.

According to GameInformer you can download the 3D and non-3D versions of the game from quite a few torrent sites, the standard version of the game is a 22.3GB download, whereas the 3D version is a whopping 41.40GB in size.

Obviously we do not condone piracy and have to warn you that Sony may take some sort of action against those of you who play the leaked version of the game, instead you should wait until the games official release date on February 22nd (North America), 23rd (Europe) 25th (UK).

Comments on a certain well known torrent site suggest that the leaked version of the game works fine and can be burned to Blu-ray or played from the PS3’s internal hardrive (obviously if it has been modded), however if you are using Multiman 1.15.04 you may experience problems with sound, cutscenes, load times and stuttering.

We would strongly advise against downloading the game and wait until the game’s proper release, if not you are breaking the law and possibly playing an unfinished version of the game, which could be less impressive than the Guerrilla Games’ final product.

Will you download Killzone 3?


  • Supes

    I got my copy of Killzone 3 from a department store(LEGAL), it's a legal copy and I don't know why I got it before release, will this get me banned?

    • Spinner

      Yes, you will get banned… Why? Because you pirated it… No department store is going to let a copy accidently slip like that… Unless the game is KZ2 and not KZ3…

  • Anonymous

    I'm getting KZ3 retail copy on Feb.22,2011.

    What's the point of KZ3 multiplayer when cfw PS3s are hunted like animals? No thanks2 custom firmwares.rofl!

  • Sam

    Wow, computers were I work are so tightly secured, it's a miracle we still can access facebook. Hotmail is off limits and pretty much every non work related websites, can't download, can't install, can't do sh*t. The only reason they do that is to make sure we work non stop. I can't believe big companies like Sony and EA can't make sure a million seller game won't be leaked. It's pretty easy to monitor computer activities… I guess they are to blame for having those kind of problems.

    I'll never get a illegal version of a game. Just look at GEOHOT or something like that. I bet he regret the day he started messing with hacking stuff.

  • D Dog

    Downloading it now thanks for the info


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