HP Palm Pre 3 vs Palm Pre: Spec and Size Comparison

By Jamie Pert - Feb 14, 2011

Five days ago we revealed the HP Palm Pre 3’s impressive technical specifications, now we thought we would compare the smartphone’s impressive specs and larger size to the original Palm Pre to see how things have progressed since the original Pre’s release in 2009.

The original Palm Pre measured in at 59.5 x 100.5 x 16.95mm and weighed 135 grams, at 64 x 111 x 16mm and weighing 156 grams the HP Pre 3 is wider, longer and heavier than the first Pre, however it is 0.95mm thinner.

In terms of technical specifications you can see a full breakdown of Palm Pre specs here and a full breakdown of Pre 3 specs here, we will now compare the most important specs side-by-side (see image below).

As you can see the Pre 3 has improved on everything the original Pre had to offer, also the Pre 3 is capable of 720p HD video capture and the new version of webOS is faster and more intuitive than previous releases, therefore if you owned the first Palm Pre you should seriously consider upgrading to the Pre 3 when it arrives in the summer.

Below we have embedded a couple of photos of the Palm Pre 3, do you like its design?

(Update: Originally I uploaded the incorrect photos, thanks for pointing that out guys).

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  • MARK

    I would like to add 2 very important features which Pre 2 and Pre 3 have over original Pre: gorilla glass (pre 2) and auto focus camera ( pre 3 only). I'm sure quality had to be improved. Pre plus was much better quality…… It can only get better right?. If not, pre plus will be my last Palm/HP phone. Now since we will be allowed to upgrade every 2 years, quality will be one of features on my shoping list.

  • frank

    Is the hardware more reliable than the previous one (Pre) where about 50 percent of the handsets had to be replaced/returned?

  • Mark

    The picture shows hp Veer and pre 3. Original Sprint pre had center button ( white). Next was pre plus which had center button replaced with led stripe. PRE 2 is the first Palm phone to have gorilla glass.

  • FYI

    FYI – That picture is not the Original Pre 🙄

    That is the Veer and the Pre3…

    • Jamie Pert

      Thanks, my mistake…