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Apple Employee: iPhone 5 release, bigger than Verizon iPhone

We have seen a lot of predictions made for the Apple iPhone 5, and everyone has an opinion, even Apple employees. We’re hearing from Kevin Lee via, who has apparently had a chat with an Apple employee about the iPhone 5 release.

It’s not clear who this employee is, but they apparently made claims – see the article here – that the iPhone 5 will be a “bigger event than the Verizon iPhone release”, we’re not sure on the credibility of this employee but having heard from many store employees making claims in the past, they often feel they know more than the public, which from our experience is mostly wrong.

Although we cannot confirm how far up the Apple chain this “employee” is, they went on to say that the iPhone 5 will have an improved processor, which will support much better graphics. Have a read of the Examiner article and let us know your thoughts on this rumor.

In other news, we have seen the iPhone 5 impact store lines for the Verizon iPhone 4, which could mean some buyers will hold out for a possible 5th generation iPhone, or to see what happens within the next few months. You may also want to read about how the iPhone 5 release will aim for android, and the mid-end market.

Do you feel you know more about the iPhone 5 than most Apple employees?


  • As long as the device is available for Sprint employees and is Wimax capable then I'm willing to drop 200-300 on it!

  • iPhone V

    Correction: Former Employee…. (if they really ever were one)

    To give an idea about Apple security without giving too big a picture about Apple Security:

    Think CIA, NSA, MI5…then think of them consulting Apple for tips on keeping secrets.


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