Nook Color 2: Most Wanted Specs and Features

By Peter Chubb - Feb 12, 2011

Love it or hate it the Nook Color from Barnes & Noble has been well received, that much can be seen from the comments that we had regarding an article asking if the eReader was better than the Amazon Kindle. There is already talk about a Nook Color 2, but what specs and features would this 2nd generation version need to have to make it even better?

The current version is considered to be a dream device, not only for reading eBooks but for also how easy the device is to hack. Engadget believes the Nook Color to be a truly great eReader, but they thought that it was about time that they asked their readers what they would like to see in the next version.

The reactions vary a lot, but what we can see is that consumers would like more physical buttons, but not soft ones. The sensitivity needs to be improved, more so towards the edges. One of the most important features that we think that the Nook Color version 2 should have is faster Android OS support, so maybe version 2.3 or higher once they become available. Having said that, it is a know fact that the Nook Color is very easy to hack to the last Android OS version.

There have been a few suggestions that a camera is needed, but I’m not too sure about that. The idea of thousands of Android apps pre-installed is another popular feature wanted; again cannot see that happening. If Barnes & Noble were to make hardware upgrades then they will need to upgrade its battery; we will just have to watch this space.

What features would you like to see in the New Barnes & Noble Nook Color 2nd generation?

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  • Erin

    I’d buy it without a thought if it supported nook study and maybe a 8 or 9 inch screen. (Textbooks just need a little bit bigger of a screen). I go to school online and while I like the nookstudy app and want to use it I can’t stand having to flip screens on my laptop or have the splitscreen set up. If the new nook color doesn’t support nookstudy I’ll prob just buy a regular nook color since I’m still running the 1st gen nook and want to upgrade anyway.

  • Eeolso

    Nookstudy books need to be able to be viewed on the device. I have wasted a great deal of money purchasing my college texts books through nookstudy only to find out that I can only view them on my laptop. I can’t imagine B&N will being able to sell any more nookstudy etextbooks if they are not on a portable device.

  • A bigger screen – that’s the only thing I’d like to have in a Nook Color 2. I absolutely love everything about the Nook COlor, the screen is gorgeous, the best I’ve seen from all tablets and ereaders. If it just was a little bit bigger!

  • A bigger screen – that’s the only thing I’d like to have in a Nook Color 2. I absolutely love everything about the Nook COlor, the screen is gorgeous, the best I’ve seen from all tablets and ereaders. If it just was a little bit bigger!

  • Justin

    I rooted the Nook Color to ManualNooter-4.5.2 (see link below);couple of hours of work and now I am extremely happy with my nook.I can do everything with it.I have access to Android Market,so I downloaded 2 great Pdf Readers like EZpdf and Repligo,and I read my Epub files Aldiko and Kindle (All these application are much better then the Pdf-Epub readers on original nook.
    I also now can listen to Radios from over the world (still program downloaded from Android market) and have othe excellent applications for file management like Astro.I can read and change Microsoft office documents.

    So If I should ask,I would just ask to have firmware likeManualNooter-4.5.2 and in addition for the same things already mentioned,like replaceable battery,screen more responsive to the touch and I would add better speakers and bluetooth.On the camera I am not sure.After all the most important thing is for me is still to enjoy at best Pdf and epubs reading.

  • frankie

    Im on my third NookColor. The touchscreen just stops working. It'd be nice if the update does something to correct this. If not I'm then Apple here I come! O and has ne one heard about barnes and noble being sold or closing Shop? Ive heard from a current manager of barnes and noble in central jersey. What would this mean for those of us who have Nooks!? I hear Apples doing well these days.

  • dugans

    I do NOT want a camera.
    I do NOT want an e-ink display
    I would like a GPS, better bluetooth (range is very short currently), physical buttons (back, menu at least) and it would be very good to have a usb host port working.
    A less finicky charger port and user replaceable battery would be good too, but these are lesser issues.

    Other than those things I think the Nook Color is fantastic. Best tablet on the market, actually. Ipad is too big and overpriced for what you get, and the only tablets within the price range are as cheaply made as they are cheap.

  • sue

    Its an E reader.. NOT an IPAD.
    camera? doc holding?
    Ill agree to the color E ink, that is what has me debating vs the old nook…
    but a camera ppl?
    I think instead of a Barnes and Noble you may want to stop by an APPLE store.

  • peter

    It has an extended warranty (dummy) plan available for $50 some bucks that covers accidental spills and drops.

  • Beth

    Longer batter life, or removable batteries…no camera and google android Honeycomb,
    once it gets those then I'll be on board and finally get one….also to purchase a dumby plan like what apple has if you drop it or spill something on it , they replace it, that would be worth a little extra…

  • Ned Nedson

    I have a Nook Color and I love it except for two things. One, it needs a removable battery. I asked their support what would happen after two years if my battery stopped working and they couldn't tell me. Two: Sometimes I have to tap several times to change the page. That is probably a software glitch and should be fixed.

  • Jesse

    Support for digital comics without having to root.

  • jokergallagher

    they should add a camera, maybe front and revers, simply becuase its a nice screen to take some photos with, and if their was a callender app, then you could drop photos in during days, so plan things. like how wii has their callander set up.
    maybe a mic if they wanted to include video chat and or video recording.
    it would be nice not only for the veiw but also the battery to upgrade to a OLED screen. because in a – contrast mode (white letters, black background) the battery would last a LOT longer, i think most of all that is something to include. it would be nice to have some android apps, like google earth, netlfix and some game ports. better flash suport would also be nice (mobile 10.1) it would be nice to access skydrive through the device so i can have and eddet my word docs through the internet. having facebook twitter mysace apps would be cool.
    but for the most part i would just say open up the nook exctras to be bigger, add some more media suport, (ntflix, youtube, facebook, twitter, mypace, facebook, WMV play)
    and OLED screen. maybe some added horse power and a camera

  • fiale

    A removable battery or E-ink display and I would be sold.

    • Josh

      Seriously? People are getting the current nookcolor because they wanna be able to do more than just read. If they mad the next nookcolor e-ink it would then just be a new nook with a color screen… not a nookcolor.

      That being said nook 2 would be nice if it was color E-ink!

      As for a new nookcolor, I'd agree with Snook that an onboard file management capability would be a nice addition. I'd really like to be able to just touch and hold a file I've downloaded and send it to a location of my choice, or have it sent there automatically! A camera would also be a nice idea for it, with the ability to scan tags for apps, or even a bar code for a direct link to the book I wanna download while I'm at my favorite bookstore!

  • Snook

    A file management system would be nice. Pictures for example all show up in gallery no matter what folders you try to put them in. Also includes pages from eBooks. Makes the gallery only useful for small numbers of pictures.