New Nokia Windows Phone 7: N8 and C7 Hybrid?

By Peter Chubb - Feb 12, 2011

The news that Nokia was to merge its software with Microsoft was not a huge shock to us this morning, as we had already assumed that it was either them or Google. However, as Android is doing ok on its own which would they want to merge with a wounded animal? What we were shocked about was how fast Engadget was able to show off a concept design of what a Nokia and Windows Phone 7 handset could look like.

In these concept images Vlad Savov said that although we should not surmise what these new devices will look like, it is hard not to see how familiar they are to both the Nokia N8 and C7 – it looks like a hybrid device. You can tell right away that it is a Nokia device, as there is a range of color designs.

Having said that Microsoft also has a hand in the look and feel of the handset; not only are there the familiar three buttons on the bottom but also Windows Phone 7 running things. The thing that I love most about these so called Nokia Windows Phone 7 handsets is the rear; its as if the military have built it to deflect radar.

I reckon that Engadget should get in touch with the two Steve’s and put this design forward; if I was to ever give up my iPhone 4, then this is one phone that I would choose. One thing I would like to know, what happened to the white version Engadget?

Would this be a good handset to start off the new Nokia/Microsoft alliance?

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  • Erek

    >Arghhh what a bunch of idiots why the hell didn't they at least choose Android.

    Because Stephen Elop willingly bends over for his Microsoft lords. He came from MS less than half a year ago, do the math bro 😛

  • Julian Lewis

    Nokia is dead if they go for WP7, they have betrayed their loyal customers and developers. I hate Microsoft and the crap it throws up that it calls an operating system. Windows mobile was excruciatingly bad to use, windows Vista was a total disaster. I can just imagine what kind of link there will be between WP7 and a PC, more unusable bloat ware they will call it P-Tunes. As someone who has eradicated windows from work and home and gone to Linux this is very bad news. They arn't going to port QT to WP7 for sure, so get ready for .net and no applications. Noikia used to openly encourage hackers to work on Meamo, Linux is open. Now at least with WP7 it will be a lot easier to port all the malware straight onto it. Arghhh what a bunch of idiots why the hell didn't they at least choose Android.

  • gesh

    wow………nice i like the winmo 7

  • I would be very very surprised if Microsoft was considering fragmentation so early on. I only jumped on the platform when Phone 7 was announced so I don’t know much about Windows Mobile, but I would hope that lessons would be learned from that.

    Nice catch on the home screen. I didn’t even notice that first time I saw it…I just saw sexy phones.

  • nokias run by a bunch of fu*king idiots…what seperates this from any other windows fone? who in america will go for nokia over a better recognized name? how many slate fones do we really need nokia? ….e7+n8 cam what is so hard to understand?

    • Basil

      i think you are full of shit nokias new phones are well built and value for money and have great specs

  • Brian

    NIce phones, plus windows phone 7 os is amazing