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Convincing: iPad 2 and iPhone 5 will be hardware, not marketing

When it comes to convincing users to upgrade their gadgets to the next generation, it normally takes some smart marketing but this may not be the case for the iPhone 5 and iPad 2 release. Apple needs to back their devices with something extra, this will need to be a much better price that will combat the Android army, or hardware that steps up to another level.

Both sounds good to us, Apple could release a mini, cheaper iPhone 4X phone and a completely redesigned iPhone 5 for the 5th generation, which will have a premium price tag for those that want more advanced features.

Apple’s marketing has been a cut above the rest in recent years, and their products are solid, not perfect, but better than most of the competition. It’s our feeling that 2011 is a totally different market than 2010, Apple made touch screen phones and tablet PCs popular, but they have real competition from Android and other brands in 2011.

This year users will focus on both price and hardware, and if Apple gets it right, lots of people will jump ship to the fashionable brand. Apple has not been known for price-cutting, and some laptop buyers have always found the price of Macbooks hard to swallow. If Apple wish to stop the competitors eating too far into market share, its time they think about the price.

What will convince you to buy an Apple iPad 2 or iPhone 5? Hardware, marketing or the product price?



    apple products look the best; but PRICES are too HIGH
    competetion WILL TAKE OUT APPLE;
    ppl dont want to be ripped off ANYMORE;

  • gabrio

    i will never buy an ipad because it's useless. but i truly admire the marketing team of apple that makes people think they need it.

    as to the iphone 4 or 5, i will not buy i because it's expensive for what it gives you (you pay only the brand) and for the fact that "everybody has it" – i don't like to buy because of trends. last but not least, its not a good idea to buy something as soon as it comes out since usually has bugs.

    i have an android phone, paid it 1/3 of a iphone and totally satisfied with it!

    don't get me wrong, i just dont like apple too much and these are my 2 cents.

  • Rick

    The hardware is what will drive me to purchase an iPad. It needs wifi only. I will not pay another carrier for the internet. I have an EVO and it is cheaper to pay for tethering and unlimited downloads.

  • I hope ZooGue makes a case for the iPad 2 because it's by far the best case I have used, love how it can be adjusted to any angle.

  • people WHO not THAT

    Marketing. I love good marketing. When I see good marketing, I always buy the product or service. I can't hold back. Marketing MAKES me buy things.

    • justin

      no good having good marketing without any substance though !!


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