WWE All Stars: Character Class Sneaky-Peek Trailer

By Chris Cook - Feb 11, 2011

You have may have already heard about the upcoming game title WWE All Stars. So far we have brought you news about which characters are going to feature in the game with our roster list and also brought you news of a trailer revealing some of the gameplay with yet more characters.

Today we bring you news of another trailer which this time gives you a sneaky-peek at what the classes of each character will be categorized into. As Delriach reports in their article at thesixthaxis.com, where they also say the trailer features gameplay clips ‘that defy all logic.’

The game’s superstars attributes will be will be determined the category they are in. As an article at Gamespot reveals, the four categories are Grappler, Brawler, Acrobat and Big Man. Each pretty self-explanatory. You can read what skills each category will give your superstar at Gamespot.com.

Why not take a look at the trailer below by scrolling down, see for yourself just how much fun can be had with this arcade style wrestling game.

Will you be getting WWE All Stars? Let us know your thoughts about the game so far.

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