WWDC 2011: New iPhone 5, MacBook Pro, and?

By Peter Chubb - Feb 11, 2011

WWDC 2011 is only four months away, and in that time there will be much speculation as to what Apple will announce. This first thing that we need to get out of the way is the keynote, as it will more likely be Tim Cook and not Steve Jobs doing the talking. We do hope that this does not affect things in anyway, and that Cook does not wear jeans and a black turtle neck.

Knowing what Apple will unveil has always been a bit tricky; we do not even have any juicy details of a new iPhone being left in a bar? There has been details leaked of what the new iPad 2 will look like, but that device should have already launched by June. We recently reported that both the iPhone 5 and a new 2011 MacBook Pro will be unveiled, but we have yet to confirm this.

Having said that, previous WWDC events have always launched a new iPhone, so why should this year be any different? Apple could surprise us all this year and release a new iPhone along with a smaller version, but how many times have we heard that rumor?

We mentioned above that Apple will announce the launch if the iPad 2 earlier than WWDC 2011, but we could see an iPad 3 launched, which is said to be a 7-inch version. I do not hold out much hope, as Steve Jobs has clearly said that a smaller version of their table is a defiant no.

Finally one would presume that iOS 5 would make an appearance, but there seems to be a lack of evidence on this. If this does get a mention we wonder if it will be updated across all iOS devices, as the iPad had a long wait for iOS 4?

What are your expectation for WWDC this year?

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  • mary

    OhMiGosh!. the iPhone 5g is said to be coming out in July? i really want it to come out on July 28. my birthday is that day and i'm suppose to get one so. and the features look AMAZING <3

  • Jon

    all "rumors" point to MacBook Pro being released earlier than June.

  • justin

    when do tickets go on sale??

  • Kelly

    All signs point to MacBook Pro being released earlier than June.

    • jack

      March 11 2011
      is the release date for the new MacBook pro according to best buy