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Windows 7: Service Pack 1 (SP1) – Download Release Date

We have some good news for those of you patiently waiting for the first Service Pack software for Windows 7, as Microsoft has announced a solid date for when the download will be available for users.

You may remember us informing you about the Service Pack 1 beta last Summer, and if you downloaded it, you’ll be eagerly anticipating the release of the full version. The good news, is that Microsoft has announced that the SP1 for Windows 7 will be available to download on February 22nd, as reported by Computer World.

The company has also stated that SP1 has now reached the RTM phase and that the SP1 download will be available via Windows Update. Here’s the important news for those of you with a subscription to TechNet or Microsoft Software Developer Network – you can download Service Pack 1 early on February 16th.

For those of you who downloaded the beta, are you looking forward to the full version? You may be disappointed to hear that there will not be many new features in the SP1, as it will mostly focus on security-related patches.

You can check out a video we’ve found below, which gives you a preview of the installation process of the Windows 7 SP1 beta. You can also check the Twitter account of Microsoft for any relevant updates regarding Windows 7 SP1.



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