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Thomas Edison Influential Facts and Quotes: iOS Apps

Today Google is celebrating the 164th birthday of Thomas Edison by way of a doodle on their search engine homepage, which we already covered in an earlier post. This kind of got us thinking about what facts and quotes any budding inventor would want to know about the great man. The good thing is you no longer have to search the Internet for all that information, as it is all there to be had on a number of iOS apps.

The first app that we have for you is called “Thomas Edison Study Guide”, which is said to be the ideal companion if you have a big test on the inventor. The great thing about this is you could be studying and do not have any Internet access; this app does not need that access. The app is free; for more details visit iTunes.

What if your studies is not just about Thomas Edison, then the app for you will be “Famous Inventions & Patents”. The amount that you can learn from this one app is truly remarkable, you can find out who was the first person to patent the light bulb, jet engine, camera etc. Not only is there tutorials, but also videos as well. This app costs just $0.99.

In his time Thomas Edison has come up with some great quotes, but how do you know what they are? Some fans will know them all, but for others they need some enlightenment, which is where the “Thomas Edison Quotes Pro” app comes in. You can sort through the apps fast thanks to the scrolling method, having read a few of them I found that I am now all the better for it, give it a go and you will see just what I mean.

Are you a fan of Thomas Edison, or do you favor another inventor?


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