New Tomb Raider: Rejuvenated Lara Aims For Uncharted

By Chris Cook - Feb 11, 2011

Lara Croft has been one of the most influential characters in the gaming industry since Tomb Raider began in 1996. Her bravery, brains and her pair of physical attributes have always defined the game, setting it aside from other 3rd person platform games.

Although Lara’s physical appearance never lost its interest CVG say the game itself novelty faded. This is why Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics both decided to give the archeologist a makeover.

The new rejuvenated 21 year old Lara will yet again go on an adventure, this time to get out of a hellish situation. More about the game can be read at CVG here.

The release of the new game Tomb Raider would find itself directly compared to the successful franchise which has of late overtaken the Tomb Raider franchise. CVG list both games in their list of 7 best action games ever saying the fact that Uncharted is compared to Tomb Raider is a compliment. Check out which other games made it in their list.

What do you think of the new Tomb Raider? Will the new look Lara be enough to topple Uncharted off its throne?

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