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HP TouchPad Capabilities: iPad and Galaxy Tab Fail

Since HP announced to the world’s media the TouchPad, it was obvious that the new device would be put up against the two biggest selling tablet devices at this time. The devices in question are the Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab, so how do the TouchPad’s Capabilities compare?

There is no way of getting away from the fact how important this tablet PC is to HP, as much has been said about the merger with Palm, so now need to prove themselves. Both consumers and corporate users will be interested to know if it is able to offer better features than the two tablets mentioned above.

eWeek says that the capabilities of the ViewPad are so much more than what you get with the Galaxy Tab and the iPad; but we need to remind you that both Apple and Samsung will have new versions out in the coming months. It is for that reason why Alan Ng did a post asking if Apple will be able to handle pressure from this new tabet?

Where HP device manages to make the others fail is not only in performance but also with its productivity software as well, so you will notice that multitasking is much smoother. We also like the Sync-up feature that allows you to sync the TouchPad to one of HP’s handsets.

It is features like this that will appeal to enterprise users, but can the device pull this off? ITworld has been looking into this and said that they need to find a solution to security concerns first. We have no doubt that HP will be able to pull this off; we just hope that the TouchPad can win out when the iPad 2 and the Tab 2 hits the market.



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