How An iPhone 5 Release Aims For Android

By Jamie Pert - Feb 11, 2011

So far all of the iPhone 5 news and rumors we have posted suggest that it will be a high-end smartphone and a successor to 2010’s iPhone 4, however earlier today we reported a potential iPhone Nano release, which got us thinking, will the iPhone 5 be a cut-down smaller version of the iPhone 4?

Currently Apple has a fair share of the high-end market with the iPhone 4, however in terms of mid-low-end devices they offer nothing, let’s face it a lot of consumers do not want to spend $199 – $299 on a smartphone which is tied to a two-year contact, therefore a cheaper iPhone release may be the way forward.

Our earlier post suggested that the rumored smaller iPhone may cost just $200, we are now hearing that this could potentially be a contract-free price, obviously the hardware within this smartphone will not be anywhere as near as advanced as the iPhone 4, however not everyone wants an “all singing, all dancing” handset.

Last year there was a huge barrage of Android smartphones released which helped Android achieve its massive growth (32.9% of Q4 2010’s market according to Bloomberg), therefore it wouldn’t be a huge shock if Apple released a low-priced basic iPhone to combat this in 2011, the question is will it be too little too late?

To many a $200 contract-free price tag sounds a bit far-fetched, however let’s not forget that Apple bring in income through the App Store, therefore they could potentially release a cut-down iPhone at almost cost price to combat Android and then reap the benefits as consumers buy apps and games.

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  • Late to the game

    The $49 iPhone is the 8GB 3GS. For $199 is the iPhone 4 16GB and $299 for 32GB. The reasons for the $49 8 GB 3GS is the same as AT&T and Apple have always done which is to make room for the new iPhone to come. The sooner thery can clear out the stock the faster the new phone will be put on the shelf. People should really reach how Apple has always launched and iPhone every year before they jump on the wagon. Verizons should have waited for the iPhone 5 before ripping off loyal long tome customers.

  • Late to the game

    In the China release of the iPhine 5 there has been 3 models shown. 2 contract and 1 pay as you go. So either way there is no lose for Apple the only lose is for those who will have to pay the early termination of contract to get the new iPhone 5. Verizon customers who already bought the iPhone 4 should have researched Apple so they would have known just how Apple launchs a new iPhone every year. Late to the game Verizon, but Apple is not to blame. Verizons fault for the late release of the iPhone 4 when the iPhone 5 is just 4 to 5 months away. Verizons customers must have some really deep pockets or Verizon found a way to take advantage of their customers.

  • they better release a new iphone with a 4inch screen…i dont wanna a nano

  • That Apple will release a mid-range phone – probably.
    That it will do so at the expense of it's next high end phone, thus forgoing an annual opportunity to leap frog the competition – almost certainly not.

  • Apple is always innovating, and coming out new devices or new version of their products. Apple has just started to sell their iPhone 4 for Verizon, there are some limitations to it from what I was reading. And the price usually is very expensive. Although if people stay with or sign up for AT&T the iPhone is $49 as opposed to $199 at Verizon. Sometimes it is good to wait. I don't know how a nano phone will be. The Android phones look very good. We have so many options today.