Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5): Release Date Confusion

By Tina Chubb - Feb 11, 2011

If you’re one of the many gamers that are waiting to hear news on when the much-anticipated Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) game will be arriving, I’m sure you’re just as confused as I am. There appears to be a bit of release date confusion at the moment, with both 2011 and 2012 being mentioned.

According to a recent article by Will Gamble over at (sourced from, recent speculation has suggested a “holiday 2012” launch window for Rockstar Games’ latest installment in the hugely popular Grand Theft Auto series.

The reason behind the speculation of a “holiday 2012” release appears to be due to the fact that January 2012 is when the contracts of many of the key people working on GTA 5 are due to run out. However, as Adam Larck at notes, analyst Michael Pachter believes that the game will arrive in 2011.

Pachter’s conclusion also appears to be based upon the key people’s contracts expiring in January 2012, although he feels that the GTA 5 game will be launched before the contracts run out. Just to add to the confusion even more, another analyst has suggested a 2012 launch window.

According to Tom Ivan over at, Cowen & Company analyst Doug Creutz has said that the chance of the game releasing in Take Two’s next financial year (which ends March 2012) is looking highly unlikely at this stage.

When do you think the Grand Theft Auto V game will arrive in stores, 2011 or 2012?

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  • LordAnguis

    @harry, I looked at the list you put a link to. I looked for GTA V, had nothing. Looked for the release date: apparently, they're re-releasing San Andreas for the PS3, since it has a link to the title. When I clicked it, it took me to the San Andreas page on Wiki, with the original release date as January 2008.
    If they're releasing a GTA V on PS3, they'll list it thus:
    Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar Games Release Date Regions
    That's how they've got the games listed on the list. I've heard speculation that GTA V will make a return to San Andreas, but we'll have to see. It would have the Roman numberal if it was the game, rather than a title like San Andreas.
    It would've been cool if that was actually GTA V, but its an easy mistake to make when you get excited. Especially since you were probably looking more at the release dates than the game titles and the pages they led to.

  • LordAnguis

    @spazcommando, there's been a debate about that ever since someone discovered it. Lots of people think it might be April this year just from that. If it is, than R* is doing a fairly good job at keeping it under wraps, unlike with L.A. Noire, which comes out in May.
    I only began 'gaming' the past few months, but GTA IV and Episodes from Liberty City were some of the first games I got, besides Mass Effect. One thing I've thought about in regards to the GTA games is that it'd be interesting if you could take one of your relationships further and 'be tied down' in a GTA game. It'd be interesting to see what lies a character might have to tell to his wife to keep up a life of crime.
    Another thing I found interesting: most of the previous GTA games, the player character was straight-out criminal, not some tortured soul looking for redemption. Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but Niko seemed to not be like the other GTA characters. I had to do some research, of course, but a few friends of mine have played the previous GTA games and they told me the player character wasn't someone who didn't want to do what he did, like Niko seemed.
    While I enjoyed Niko's interesting moral dilemma, I have to wonder if GTA IV was R*'s answer to the whole 'games breed violence' thing. From the tendency R* has for humor, it would be in line for them to show a somewhat moral person end up working for other criminals.
    Whether they do a more in-depth relationship or stick with what we've had in the previous games, I don't really care. It'd be more interesting, sure, but the games have done alright with their current pattern. I guess it'll depend on what storyline GTA V has. If its one that would preclude a protagonist being able to marry, than definitely not. But if its a bit like how we had in GTA IV, where the protagonist is lying to his girlfriend/lover about what he does, than I'd say let it happen, or consider it.
    I liked GTA IV because of its plot, and the Episodes just added more interest. I hope GTA V has an even better storyline, with a lot more interesting dialogue.

  • spazcommando

    @harry the leak may be true as in a video i saw on youtube there is a date marked on the calendar which i think comes out as 11/4/11 or 27/4/11 something like that. in luis house in tbogt look at the cicled dates on the calendar near the kitchen sink

  • harry

    HEYY!!!!!! I need you to see this wikipedia has a leaked date * on wikipedia heres the link

    i searched ps3 exclusive links then i found under Grand theft auto IV its Grand theft auto V it says "April, NA, 2011"..

    is it true??? O_____O so i searched at google news gta v and no one or official announcement yet to be made.

    AND I'm not kidding you've got to listen!! is it a leak or what? if it isn't then why does wikipedia did not delete the information? or an insider published the date?

  • @GTAFan I dont think so… it has to be GTA 5!

  • GTAFan

    Never, They will just make another add on

    • HoboDealer

      R* said they've made all thier add ons for GTA IV and besides there's incontravertable evidence that there will be another one.

      • adzilla

        i think hes just being a smart ass