Crysis 2: Nanosuit And Multiplayer Progression – Trailer

In the build up to the release of Crysis 2 so far we’ve been keeping you up to date with what to expect from the game. Earlier this week we introduced you to Feline. Today we not only have news but also a little trailer to whet your appetite some more.

In addition of having cool, powerful guns at your disposal during the game, the most significant feature you’ll possess is the Nanosuit. This not only looks awesome but allows you to ‘be the weapon.’ Lucky for us we don’t have to wait until the release of Crysis 2 to get a glimpse of this sexy armor. EA have released a trailer which features the bodysuit as well as a taste of multiplayer action.

During gameplay you are able to upgrade the Nanosuit, which according to the video, occurs depending on how you play the game. The video can be viewed below once you’ve scrolled down where you can see the suit in all its glory.

As if that wasn’t enough to keep us wanting more, as well as this trailer EA have also released a couple of screenshots. They show what can only be described as a showroom for the Nanosuit. You can check the images out at God Is A Geek.

What are your thoughts on the Nanosuit? Will you be getting Crysis 2?


  • Jeff

    I will definitely be getting Crysis 2. The game wasn't even on my radar until I downloaded the free demo. I had a blast with it and now I can't wait for C2

  • Sam

    Still no PS3 footage or news? Which is strange since its supposedly better looking and, it's EA, suppose to be equal on both platforms. So were is my demo?

    • Marauderphai

      Microsoft bought exclusive rights to the demo. So the demo is apparently Xbox and PC exclusive, but the game is on all platforms. I THINK that's how it goes, but I'm not positive since it was @ first only going to be an Xbox exclusive.


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