COD Black Ops Zombies: Ascension Map – Your Best / Highest Level?

By Alan Ng - Feb 11, 2011

Considering the fact that the new zombie map Ascension has been available for almost two weeks on the Xbox 360, we thought we’d ask you how you are getting on with the map. Is Ascension your favorite Nazi Zombie map yet?

If you have been following our previous zombie coverage on Black Ops zombie maps, you’ll probably know that we did a similar article for the ‘Five’ and ‘Kino Der Toten’ maps where we asked what level you had managed to get up to. The results were pretty impressive, and we’re sure a good amount of you have already managed to get past level 30 on Ascension.

Do you find the map easier or harder than Kino Der Toten? It’s great that Treyarch has given us brand new weapons and perks to play around with, are you a fan of the gersch device and perk-stealing monkeys? I know that a lot of you would have preferred to see the hellhound dogs return, maybe they’ll feature in the next map pack?

If you consider yourself to be an expert at Ascension, let us know what level you have managed to get up to, and what tips you have for other players. Is there a favorite spot you like to use on the map, or do you just rely on quick movement and upgraded weapons? You can watch a video below which shows a player reaching level 40!

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  • dman

    Do you buy this off playstation network or whaat ?

  • stefani00001

    i have a debit card , now how do it purchase it for ps3

  • mexican

    1. You have to buy the codes for the map packs. People aren't stupid, they're not going to give their codes away.
    2. People who supposedly got to round 36 without trying, well if you have proof post a video of how you got up to round 86. Id love to see it.

  • mercan

    can u post the whole vidio of how u went 2 level 40

  • audietron

    i got the record for ascension, round 87…..hard….ish…

  • kid phat

    how to unlock ascension on zombies PS3

  • Droideh

    got to round 75 solo. Died due to gersh device took too long to drop 🙁

  • kpen30

    i got to level 44

  • Mygosh..

    Australia, your an idiot, it's called pausing. When your that high in rounds pause, dont kill yourself…

  • australia4ever

    i got to round 50 on ascension on solo, but i killed myself cause after playing 6 hours straight i had to get off

  • jo

    i made it to 21 but i just couldnt throw mt gersch not anough time!!!!!! to save myself

  • Dabulice

    there is no code!U HAVE TO PURCHASE/BUY IT!This isnt like 5 and dead ops,you have to look at ur little credit/debit card information,and if the amount in your account is over $15 (which is how much it will cost,for those who dont follow) you can be the next proud owner, if not ur just SOL. Hope that was enough detail for u guys.

  • kiki1232


  • 3looy95

    whats the code to open it {for ps3}

  • bryce gladman

    bryce gladman(me) and jordan gladman(brother) got up to round 36 with out going down then we started going down we got up to round 86

  • wahhab

    when is it comin out on ps3

  • marno

    PLZ PLZ PLZ. go in 2 greater detial. u buy a xbox and then what?

    • marno

      plz plz plz. go in greater detial. u buy a xbox then what?

  • Danny Riley

    How did you revive yourself when you were on the floor downed?

    • silvertech

      you can only revive yourself if your playing solo and drink the quick revive bottle at the start of each map

  • isaiah

    what is da cod to unlock ascension zombie map in blacks ops sombody please tell me

    • jay-ce

      you need to buy them

    • lifefromashes

      The code is get on xbox live and download it… Its a real easy code…

    • BOB

      You need to buy them!!!!

  • Pete

    I got to level 55 following the same strategy as the video above. Only I went clockwise. I've also done 2 player where one stands by the PHD and the other in the quick revive room going around in a circle. We got to level 43.

  • mavrick

    cool video

    i was almost second to post. mabye next time.