Test Drive Unlimited 2 Review Round-Up: Pros and Cons

By Tina Chubb - Feb 10, 2011

Eden Games’ much-anticipated Test Drive Unlimited 2 game finally made its way into North American stores recently and as expected, we are starting to see the very first reviews come in. We thought we’d take a brief look at a few of these reviews, and weigh up the pros and cons.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 – just like the first game – sees players once again exploring the whole of the Hawaiian island of Oahu. However, according to Mr. Pinkerton over at metro.co.uk, gamers also get to drive around the island of Ibiza, where they even get their own clubhouse and customized races.

While Mr. Pinkerton praises the Test Drive Unlimited 2 game for having a good range of cars, a fantastic island atmosphere and good online features, he does go on to note that the graphics can sometimes be patchy and the handling of the cars is not realistic. His overall score was 7/10.

In the meantime, Michael Menzel over at game-pad.net says that although the Test Drive Unlimited 2 game doesn’t have the best graphics he’s seen in recent racing games, they do come pretty close. He also notes that the full day/night cycle and random weather patterns make it more enjoyable to play.

Michael gave the TDU2 game an overall score of 8.7/10, describing it as a solid racing title. The final review comes from Steven Williamson over at psu.com. Steven gave the game an overall score of 8/10, and noted that its social featured will make you want to come back and play it more.

However, he also claimed that the cars can sometimes be clunky to drive and there appears to be a lack of challenge from A.I. opponents. Have you played the Test Drive Unlimited 2 game yet? If so, what are your first impressions? You can read the full reviews via the links above.

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  • Wooxer Pt

    TDU2 compared to TDU is garbage in my opinion, the only upside _I’ve found was the improved weather patterns and the music, other than that, nothing more

  • Dale

    NFS Hot Pursuit nailed the driving this time. If we could have the driving of that game and the story line of this one it'd have to be a 9.5

  • bill

    After 3 days of playing i must say that TDU2 is awful.

    In fact i have just uninstalled it, in order to wait for major fixes and updates as it

    seems the game is still in beta!!!



    Speed dials are worst than TDU (i used the Audi TTS for comparison in both games),

    environment graphics have very poor quality (probably taken from the DRIV3R era which was also published by Atari),

    frame rate is not consistent (especally when you turn the car, frame rate is dropping drastically)



    there is no force feedback for most of the wheels (only 2 or 3 wheels in total have FFB with this game).

    If you choose to play with automatic gearbox, there is no reverse (it turns to R but when you try to reverse it engages N and 1 all by itself)

    The handling becomes tolerable only after a lot of experiments with the settings….

  • Lennis

    No, the cars don't all feel the same, but they also don't control as well as in the first game – especially in car-view perspective. Oversteer in interior view is so bad that the game is unplayable. You'll have to drive in first-person non-interior mode to avoid frustration. It makes me wonder if they bothered to play-test interior mode. It's not a game-killer, but it is disappointing in an otherwise solid title.

  • kohan

    david is right, i have been waiting a long time for this game as i was a massive fan of tdu 1, but the cars in tdu2 feel horrible in comparison. And the camera angle is that of a D-grade bargain bin game. Camera is either extremely close to the car or very distant. This game is so close to being fantastic, but the flaws are just terrible. Could have been an easy fix.

  • David D.

    The game is terrible. Everything was done perfectly EXCEPT driving…which is obviously the basis of a racing game. The cars all feel the same: twitchy, bulky, and completely un-realistic. I borrowed a copy of Test Drive Unlimited (the original) and found that someone obviously dropped the ball moving from the first title to the second. I can't score it clearly with one rating….as for the game atmosphere, features, cars, etc I give it a 9/10. As a whole (including the feeling of driving) I give it a scarce 6/10. Sadly, I find the ability to walk around great as I would rather do that than drive a Ferrari that handles like a freight train.

    • that cool guy

      All cars feel the same? Did you even bother driving more than one car? Probably not.