Killzone 3 Review: Story Lacks Coherence

By Peter Chubb - Feb 10, 2011

Killzone 3 is just under two weeks away now, and already we have seen a number of reviews appear on the Internet. Usually with high-profile games there is an embargo, but this seems to have missed this latest version of the franchise. The most recent review was from IGN, where they gave it a 8.5 out of 10, which you can read more on here. However, we also have details that story is weak and lacks coherence.

Most follow up games from a franchise always tries to better itself, some may say that this did not happen with Call of Duty: Black Ops, and the same can be said about Killzone 3. Digital Battle believes that the new game does not raise the bar as it should, which to some is seen as a disappointment. There are all new characters, but it’s as if they have not been put to good use.

The review does try to put that lack of a story behind them and points out that the gameplay more than makes up for these shortcomings. If you thought that Killlzone 2 was good, then wait till you play the third installment of the game on the PS3; but is that really enough?

Digital Battle goes on about how they wish that Killzone 3 had more modes in multiplayer, but fans of the franchise will still love the game for what it is. If you think that you can live with all these issues then you are truly in for a treat – well if you do not mind those slow loading times.

If you feel the need to have a rest from Black Ops, then you could do a lot worse than Killzone 3.

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  • praza

    lol i think your right exxbot this is soo dumb and stupid. no one cares for stories in shooters that much . Take MW2 for example, no one gave a shit , espeically the communit i played with .
    AND NEXT DONT follow reviews from critics they are getting worse by the year. they pumped up KZ2 with lots of positives, but us [the gamers] not all of us liked the multiplayer which seriously lacked. Then they pumped up COD black ops, 88 on metacritic and the fans 5.8 ???? WTF ? were not playing the same game. And now KZ3 has a " poor story line " , but we fans now love the gameplay and the multiplayer becuz it IS in fact fantastic. If you want to enjoy next gen games DONT FOLLOW reviews THE BEST CRITIC IS ALWAYS YOU ! THE GUY WHO SPENDS MONEY TO PLAY THEM.

    we dont need a great story espeically in a SHOOTER ! we want gameplay ! and sound effects and atmosphere . We have that from killzone 3 . END OF.

    I always follow player reviews and what the fans think .

  • exxbot

    WOW just wow! Now they are bitching about the story now! Pathetic! Do gamers really care for a story on a shooter?

    • marhorn

      Yes! you can go watch an action movie and enjoy it but if it aint got a good story its not gonna be memerable! same thing here different medium! The difference between good art forms …..Expendables, Killzone, (list is far too long) and iconic considered masterpiece art forms…….Godfather, Star wars, Halo (yep) Metal Gear, Fable (again the list is far too long)

    • brendan

      yes, I do for one.