HP TouchPad Hands-on Video – An iPad 2 Killer?

By Jamie Pert - Feb 10, 2011

Today HP has announced the Palm Pre 3, HP Veer and the HP TouchPad, now Engadget has had some hands-on time with the webOS-based tablet and by the looks of things this could be a serious competitor to the forthcoming Apple iPad 2.

If you check out Tina Chubb’s earlier post and the official HP TouchPad website you can see that the TouchPad boasts some impressive specs, however we all know that decent specs are nothing without an intuitive operating system, that said webOS seems to be the real deal.

Head over to Engadget to watch the hands-on video for yourself, given that the tablet is a few months of its release date the software looks stable and extremely pretty snappy, also its multitasking capabilities and the way that it handles SMS and emails looks nothing short of amazing.

Two key factors we don’t yet know are its price and battery life, if it comes in at a similar price to the next-gen iPad 2 many think that there will be a fierce competition between the two devices, unless the iPad 2 seriously outdoes the original iPad I think many may choose the TouchPad over Apple’s next-gen tablet.

Check out the video yourself and come back to let us know what you think, do you think the HP TouchPad will be the iPad 2’s biggest rival?

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  • scott

    take a quick look hp's homepage, then the dedicated page for the touchpad. it is without a doubt of "if you cant beat apple, emulate them". and emulating apple they are even down to the design aesthetics of the webpage. if the pricing is similar to the ipad i foresee 3 major things that would impact a persons decision of which to buy. flash support, app support and brand loyalty. the latter 2 of which apple will almost certainly out do the competition every time. my particular problem with HP has been their recent laptops. the last 3-4 years have seen very bad reliability over their laptops, if these devices are set to follow the trend, count me out.