HP Palm Pre 3: Photos, Brief Review and Video Demo

By Jamie Pert - Feb 10, 2011

You may have read our article yesterday where we revealed the HP Palm Pre 3‘s impressive technical specifications, in this article we spoke about how webOS and the 1.4GHz processor could make this smartphone great, now Engadget has had some hands-on time with this handset and early signs are good.

Sadly we cannot embed the hands-on video on this page, therefore head over to Engadget to watch it, the video is not very in-depth, however does give us a quick look at the Pre 3’s physical design and its super-speedy performance.

It is hard to ignore just how quick webOS performs, also Engadget claim that the Pre 3’s build quality feels good and the 3.6-inch display’s 480 x 800 resolution really shows off the impressive UI, also the QWERTY keyboard is said to be fantastic, however one slight concern is that there seems to be a little bit of give with the sliding mechanism.

You can see a ful gallery of Pre 3 photos here, you will notice that the Palm logo is long gone and now there is HP branding on the back, you can see some photos of the Touchstone 2 here, also you may want to check out IntoMobile’s review, they say that the Pre 3 is as impressive as webOS 2.1 and by the looks of things webOS 2.1 is the biggest rival to iOS.

Will you buy the Palm Pre 3 this summer?

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  • Pao

    ILOOPTHEM: Totally in agreement with you in all 1,2, 3 and 4. Too bad this people seem to care less about the webos community and webos fans. They always seem to go the wrong way when it comes to consumers. I am in a contract with Sprint and was hoping to change to the Pre II but noooo.. they went to another carrier.. and I'm not surprised they don't give us the opportunity to get a Pre III now. They're just killing this wonderful OS themselves.


    OK, as a long-time Palm user/fan and current (mostly happy) Verizon Pre Plus user, here are my top complaints with the new Pre3, Touch Pad and Veer: along with some suggestions

    1. Too much plastic! Follow Apples lead and add some sharp and rich-looking brushed aluminum, titanium, magnesium (or perhaps scratch-proof tungsten carbide?) edging.
    2. Make your products available for purchase WITHIN WEEKS of announcement or you stand to face EPIC FAIL like you did when owned by Palm and run by Ruby. BTW, WTF is up with waiting till the summer!?!
    3. Provide major spiffs/perks to carrier salespeople or they will continue to recommend other's products.
    4. Provide a way for customers that are currently under contract with a Sprint, Verizon or ATT Pre or Pixi a way to transition to a new Pre3 or Veer (and whatever models follow) without voiding their current carrier contract requirements so long as they purchase a new HP phone with web os. AND, provide this at a discount to current users over and above the carrier's offering.

  • jimbo

    i'm buying. this thing looks sweet!