Halo: Reach DLC – Defiant Map Pack Release Rumor

By Jamie Pert - Feb 10, 2011

Since Bungie released Halo: Reach back in September 2010 gamers have only been able to download one map pack, this is called the Noble Map Pack and was released in late November, if rumors turn out to be correct another map pack could be on its way.

According to a recent JoyStiq article the French website HaloDestiny posted some images of the Defiant Map Pack on their site, from what we can tell the DLC will consist of three maps, which are called Condemned, Unearthed and Highlands.

It looks as if HaloDestiny got in trouble for hosting these images if you check out their site (at the time of this post) the site was down and there was only forum access, I translated the message on the home page and have embedded it below.

The fact that the site hosting the images has been taken down suggests that this information is accurate, you can see the pics on this Flickr account, however don’t surprised if Bungie order the images to be deleted, for this reason we will not be embedding any of the images on Product-Reviews.

To me it does sound like Bungie plan to release the Defiant Map Pack, however this has not been confirmed yet, therefore we will have to keep you posted as we find out more.

Do you still play Halo: Reach? If so, will you buy the Defiant Map Pack?

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