Ford F150 Vs. Ferrari F-150: Customer Confusion

By Peter Chubb - Feb 10, 2011

As a fan of Formula 1 I find this story an interesting one, but I have to remember not be biased in any way. However, what I can say is that from the moment that Ferrari launched the F150 for the 2011 season, it was only a matter of time before Ford made an issue of it. We now have reports that the Detroit auto company has sued Ferrari for the F-150 trademark, as this is the name on the world most popular truck.

According to an article on Freep, Ford has said that the Ferrari F150 is to similar to the name used on their truck, and they believe that they did this to capitalize and try to profit on this. This is not our words, but what is written in the lawsuit that was issued yesterday.

The Italian F1 outfit said that they chose this name to celebrate the 150th Unification of Italy; we all know how passionate the team is about their country. Ford has said that Ferrari wants to increase its market share in the U.S, and by using the name F150 could confuse consumers.

I do not wish to take sides in any way, but surly consumers will know the difference between a truck and a single-seat car that can hit over 200mph? Ford is asking the courts to stop Ferrari from using the name, as well as looking for damages. The Blue Oval does not have that long to try and get the ban passed, as the F1 season is due to start next month.

Formula One website Speed TV also adds that Ford is not happy with the website. If Ferrari is forced to close this website and change the name of its 2011 F1 challenger this could upset thousands if not millions of Tifosi around the world.

Do you think Ford is right to sue Ferrari for using the F150 name?

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