COD Black Ops DLC: First Strike Map Pack: Release Date for PS3 / PC

By Alan Ng - Feb 10, 2011

We finally have a bit of good news for frustrated PS3 owners, as Activision has felt the time is right to announce a solid release date for when the First Strike Map Pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops will be hitting the PS3.

As most of you will be aware, the maps have been available on the Xbox 360 for over a week now, but due to Microsoft’s exclusivity deal, PS3 owners have been left out of the fun – a continuing trend which started with Modern Warfare.

However, Activision has now stated that the five map pack will release on March 3rd, although a specific time has yet to be announced, as reported by Eurogamer. We also have release news for PC gamers looking to get the pack too, as although Activision didn’t put a date on the PC version, they said that it would definitely be out before March 31st – better than nothing eh?

Just to refresh your memory, First Strike will feature four new multiplayer maps and a brand new zombie map, we’re sure you’ve seen plenty of gameplay already.

What are your thoughts on the PS3 date, are you looking forward to it coming out? How many PS3 owners have already played the content on an Xbox 360 we wonder? You can check out a good video preview of the multiplayer maps here.

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  • curtis.. WMD

    Got the new maps today and cannot for the life of me figure out why they have made 5 campers maps. I agree with paul ps3 the price is fair and the maps are well made but too many buildings and not enough variation.I was hesitant of buying them before they came out because of the problems the game already has but to carry on playing with friends I got them. wishing I didnt bother .Oh well . I hope when I get homefront as A replacement on the 18th it doesnt have final stand/last chance on the same as black ops and mw2.

  • Mark

    Right where are the freaking maps!!
    It is bad enough we have to wait but it is the 3rd and there are no maps there yet!!

  • Ben

    If we have to pay £15 for the maps, and in USA they pay $15 we pay £5 more for the maps as $15 works out at about £9.20, i think it is a complete rip off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • lint

      ben ,
      i was just thinking the same thing. How come we pay more? 15 dollars is not the same as 15 pound .

      probably another case of rip off britan ……..

  • Tapiz

    Well i think that the maps are awsome and i was playing them and the kne thats dumd is the one with the zip line

    • this is cool i downloaded it but you need to get winrar greate the map is cool i’m playing it its so cool

  • random tripper

    i own a ps3, a xbox360 and a wii and i play the ps3 more but dam the browser capabilty of ps3 sux and how u have to play to play online for 360s mircosoft u r money hungey cunts and wii dont get me started…….

  • jack herrer76_be


    hope next cod will be better this game LAGS all the way you filty thieves

  • Mistah pinoy

    I have both consoles and personally I like my PS3 more better, so we are behind for a month big deal its only 2 paychecks behind I can wait for just a month PS3 rules baby!!!!…..

  • mrbrightside95

    Is there anybody here who plays Black Ops pretty much only for nazi zombies?? I do and I think treyarch should create a dlc that consists entirely of zombie maps! I really wish I could just play ascension already!!! It looks so cool :'( I thought treyarch was better then this.. idc if xbox pays for live, why are we being punished because Sony isn't making us pay to play online? Black Ops made record breaking sales! I'm not sure why Treyarch needs more money…

  • andy

    The way a lot of game companys create games (sad, but true) is that they make a version for the 360 and then transfer it to the PS3. When you look at the hardware and software of each system can do, the PS3 wins in every category. What should be done is there should be a game made for the PS3 and then downgrade it to the useless box they call a system. All the losers that have a Xbox, they pay for their online, so they magically think it is better, but when you ask them how it is better, they will say "O it just is the updates happen more often." HELLO!!! Wake up! first, if the updates happen more often, then that means there are way more problems with the online than the PS3 online, and second, if you love spending your money for no reason, get a PS3 and get PlayStation plus and actually get something out of the money you send like some free minis that are PlayStation plus exclusive and invitations to betas..

  • paul ps3

    I don't understand what all the moanings about . It's 2011 £15 is not much money , it costs that to get into some nightclubs or a film in a london cinema . £15 for hours of entertainment ! Granted being 2011 u would think the game could have been made of metal as apposed to paper if u get my meaning . I will still be getting the maps for sure and i will enjoy them !

  • brodi

    does it cost for ps3

  • docweed

    what a load of bull end of day we all getting fuc£$d 15 pound lol look i realy never thort id say this but suff cod they a load of sell outs im goin to get bc2 now and leaveing cod behind ur all right we make them we power the hole thing wiht the money in are pockets so lets stop funding gameing blackmail oww and bill gates sucks massave gameing coc% sony has just started takeing it cod has let us all down

  • martin

    I don't think they do create new maps , they just hold off on them and then sell you them as an add on !

  • Shove your map packs up your ar$e Activision. Kill Zone 3 (on PS3 ONLY) kicks butt. Hope Microsofts payoffs account for the amount of "no sales" you get from PS owners because another "multiplayer" shooter is now finally on the playing field.

    Also to all you XBOX users, i have all of the consoles. XBOX hasn't been switched on for 2 years (and scared to turn it on), even the Wii gets more play time than you. PS3 rules, not going to argue about – just look at the specs.

    Playing field is level because of lazy ar$e programmers don't want to (or not allowed to)make games that show up the inferior system XBOX and the fact they are a meal ticket (Hence Microsofts constant payoffs – maybe they should invest this Money into their Heat problems (sorry its not rocket science, simple fix)).

    I'm not just speaking for PS3, but also the PC market, Microsoft have yet again snuffed another market (now the biggest industry in the world) by throwing cash at it.

    Thanks Microsoft – YOU'RE GREAT

  • Notice how 90% of you are ps3 owners who brag how ps3 is free then when non cheap people who get an Xbox get special ual things because we pay you all go crying. If you want something special then put out some money. The games have always cost that much on any console even before you could play on the internet and get updates but you now use the cost of the game as an excuse why you should get free perks. Get over it. Get a job and get an Xbox and quit crying

    • klkm

      u mother fucker ps3 is better and we like not for online because we are smart and like are money in our pockets

    • fullyaroused

      xbox is for fags like you

    • paul

      Rings Of Death Mate Xbox ….SHITEEEEE LOL 🙂

    • Andy

      Why the fuck would i get a crappy system just so i can the map packs to a game that sucks 2 weeks early, the only reason Microsoft paid to get the maps early is cause their fags and they want the people….no…wait..the fucking retards that pay for Live to not feel bad… so so suck some dick like you always do and shut the fuck up. COD is the same thing every year. they just add 2 or three new things and call it a game.

    • Rick the Dick

      You're a fuckin retard, your parents bought your PS3 and your girlfriend sucked off the guy at walmart for your COD

    • curtis.. WMD

      Hey ryan stop talking s..t the reason U bought an Xbox is because you dont earn enough to buy A ps3 I own both consoles and the xbox has had similar issues you just pay for the internet again via xbox so when you know what you are on about come back and make another comment.AFTER YOUVE GOT A BETTER JOB.

  • Hook111

    Go get game at midnight release… wait
    get game wait for it to install….wait
    game try to connect to server…wait
    game froze..wait..eject disc …wait
    wait for a patch x2…wait
    Now waiting for Mappacks and RESPAWN to make a game so i don't have to support Activision anymore

  • Jtoro89

    perhaps i am just not in the gaming world enough to understand but…… someone wanna tell me wat exactly the point even is of releasing map packs on different dates for different consoles when its the same game!! makes absolutely no sense to me. accept just to piss off ps3 owners.

  • Dan

    Guys i cant believe it that i got these maps for $0 you wanna know how then see this

  • adam

    i am so lucky to have an xbox360

    • FuckYou

      go suck cock you asshole

  • GMan

    I think Xbox AND Ps3 should get it at the same time. Regardless of the money Microsoft gives them. Like subzeroed said Activision is trying to put extra cash in their pockets , which are mainly stuffed full of cash.

  • ricky

    just let someone else buy it than get it for free after from them

  • curtis.. WMD

    well said subzeroed .Why do we keep on putting money into there pockets ? .I bought the hardened edition £63 and still to this day struglle to stay in a lobby with friends. That means that the game is faulty and people are going to still buy the map packs. How about before they spend any more cash on creating new maps they fix the existing problems with the s..t server. I sertainly wont be giving them anymore of my cash even if the existing maps are becoming boring. One more copy on ebay I think.

  • deathdemon

    Damn right Subzeroed i am behind u all the way

  • yogistud69

    I think ps3 users should get a discount on the map pack since they fucked up and made us wait so damn long!

  • subzeroed

    Most of us know that many video game studios are run by money-hungry pricks, and Activision is proving that they are at or near the top of the list! Giving exclusive first-release rights of dlc to Microsoft because they are willing to pay for it while Sony is not? Bullshit! You greedy bastards forget who really makes you rich; it is the gamers who go out and purchase one billion copies of your less-than stellar game! Then to top it off, you charge nearly a third of the price of the full game for the first round of dlc? Again, bullshit! How about giving a damn about the gamers, who truly wield the power to make or break you? Firing the creators of Infinity Ward has already resulted in Black Ops not being all that it can be. Making us wait and charging top dollar for a trickle of dlc just makes the experience worse! If you're not careful Activision, the time will come when those whom you screw will screw you and you'll be just another washed-up studio!!

    • yogistud69

      Dude I freakin agree! The stupid fuckers need to throw us a damn bone here. It's so fuckin dumb. Somethin needs to happen to open activisions eyes up. Idk what but somethin.

    • meee

      quite agree

    • Everest

      Hey man I'm with you all the way awesome statement dude 🙂

    • monk

      i agree totally wit u sub all of the people who wait for these games buy da map packs put up with all da constant raping we get wen it comes to waiting for the dlc,,for what??for a person who spent over 40 days of mt life playn mw2 because it made me wana get a nuke or try beat a certain person where as black ops u av nuting to aim for no bit of challenge jus a half arsed game thrown together by a company who shud stick to there guitar here(activision)nd a unbelievable bad game creator lyk treyarc,,,after MW i thought da game was brilliant nd u great craic to play,but the World at War game made a balls of it all only to be saved by zombies,,then mw2 was jus without fail da best game i even found online ta hav a laff ta challenge me nd ta make me nd alot of people i no glued ta it,,yhen black ops jus lyk world at war multiplayer was below par nd fairly boring to play nd only being saved again by the dlc and zombies like make it proper once and for all and give us something to thank ye for lyk i thank ye for mw2 cause alot of people like me will get sick of the screwing around we get and ye wont hav much of a company if ye lose the c.o.d franchise which to me if mw3 flops lyk black ops luks certain to happen

    • tiptop

      You're mental, for f*ck's sake don't buy if you don't want to pay the (slightly high) price. Gaming is not a neccessity.

  • abdul

    19 feb

    • sneh

      its actually coming out march 3rd

  • baily

    i just want to no when its comeing out for ps3

    • abdul


  • Josh

    We should be given the chance to buy the zombie maps that people with the hardened edition get.

    • Alex

      they probably will release a map pack with the waw maps, as DLC for standard black ops buyers

  • wtf

    now i want an xbox to get the new maps early!

    • xbox sucks

      why than youl be paying for online

    • crash_xk

      thats exactly why microsoft bought the rights to some games release dates for stuff.. so people go with the xbox as the "better system" but only called better because of the early bird stuff.. but reality is my ps3 has paid it self off over 5 years from not having to pay for online with the xbox.

  • Mad

    we paid enought for the game nevermind another £15 for new maps

  • colten

    i think they should just release it already for ps3 its retarded im sooooo bored of these maps already.

  • johnny

    about time they sorted connection issues, never mind map packs…………………………………….. bring back Nuketown 24/7 instead of map pack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  • Sam

    Well, for 14.99 you get… 5 maps and a zombie map…

    With BFBC2 you get a new game (Vietnam). It really is overpriced. Not buying it.

    Would be nice to have the option of only buying the Zombie map. Would probably be like 5$

    • Stian

      4 maps and a zombie map*

    • Lef

      bfbc2 has over 7 free map packs what are you complaining about?

  • Mitchmole

    its not feb 10th yet !?!?!?

    • Alan Ng

      It is where I am Mitch 🙂