Apple TV iOS 4.3 Update: Threat to Xbox Live

By Peter Chubb - Feb 10, 2011

Back in March 2009 we asked if you would like to see gaming on Apple TV, it was only an idea but something that consumers liked the idea of. That thought has still not gone away and a year later we discussed how there was a chance that this device would be able to become a serious gaming platform. This is yet to happen, but some code buried in iOS 4.3 beta is the best hint yet that this is about to happen.

Ross Miller from Engadget asks that we do not get ahead of ourselves here, but it does look as though Apple is about to become a threat to Xbox Live. This news is no surprise, but we have to wonder who Apple wants to take on next, something that we will be looking at in a later post? In that code, TUAW said that there are two interesting new things mentioned, “ATVGames” and “ATVThunder”.

Now there is a number of things that this could mean, but most assume that this points to not only online gaming, but also a controller as well – maybe in the next Apple TV they will go the motion-sensing route? Also in the iOS 4.3 beta code are two codenames, Sedona and Flagstaff and is said to be about video merchandising, streaming as well as iTunes merchandising.

Apple Insider thought that this needed a closer look and believes that it is not just Xbox Live that is under threat. The idea that Apple could have their sights set on gaming will certainly put a certain amount of fear in not only Microsoft, but also Sony and Nintendo. The likes of Microsoft underestimated them before when there was talks about the development of a smartphone – the rest as they say is history.

Whether Apple TV will get gaming in this update or not is hard to say, but it is coming – we just don’t know when. Do you think that Apple will be able to take on the big three?

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  • Martin Cousineau

    You do have to admit that the majority of gamers now are looking for simple, basic games. XBL and PSS add an incredible amount of "clipart" games for people do download. I don't think they would be after the extreme gamer, but that a very small market place compared to moms and dads that would like to play a simple game(Not to mention they might only buy one console… the one everybody can use). Also you don't require much power anymore considering new services like onlive and otoy. Who knows many apple will use LALA for more than songs and movie but apps and games as well.

  • The ATV, iPad and iPhones don't have nearly the CPU and gpu power to rival the xbox and ps3, and I doubt they ever will

  • Developers will stick with PS3 and XBox over mobile gaming platforms

  • I love how the market is moving to streaming for TV solutions! I recently installed the Logitech Revue with Google TV and couldn't be happier! I have also read about Google TV releasing Android app capabilities! I am a DISH Network subscriber and employee, and with DISH Network my Revue works seamlessly with my DVR.

  • mamacita42

    i dont think phone games playable on a tv is a threat to xbox live at all!!!