XBLA Games / Xbox 360 DLC Now Available at GAME

By Tina Chubb - Feb 9, 2011

Not every Xbox 360 owner has access to the console’s online functionality or a credit card, which can prove rather difficult when wanting to purchase Xbox Live Arcade games and downloadable content. However, UK retailer GAME appears to have come up with a way that they can.

According to a recent article by Mike Rose over at gamasutra.com, both XBLA games and Xbox 360 DLC codes will now be available at 40 GAME stores around the UK. The video game retailer is hoping to attract customers who don’t have access to a credit card or the Xbox online functionality.

The codes – which will come printed on a card – that will be on offer will range in price from just £2.04, all the way up to £10.20. As the six-month trial period progresses, Game Group are hoping to add more games and DLC and introduce the code cards into further GAME stores.

As Robert Purchese over on the eurogamer.net website recently reported, the games and DLC items that are now available include Castle Crashers (£10.20), Braid (£6.80), Gears of War 2: All Fronts Collection (£6.80), Limbo (£10.20), Alan Wake: The Signal (£4.76) and Worms (£3.40).

You can view the full list via the eurogamer.net website. Do you think this is a good idea?

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  • GazB

    This is wrong, the customer still has to be connected to LIVE. I don't think the reporter realises his claim suggests it will work offline. If you don't have the correct CC such as a Maestro card then yes this will be very beneficial but access to online is required. Unless it is downloaded to a PC and transferred via USB but surely he would mention this. Bizarre column.

  • marhorn

    If theres a code involved then I presume you still have to download. Either you have it wrong and its actually content you buy direct ie, a disc (which is a great idea) OR you have it correct and that is just about teh most pointless thing ive ever heard of!