Surprising Weight Loss Tricks: Fitbie Takes Web By Storm

The web is something most people cannot live without, and while it makes a lot of us exercise less, new sites like MSN’s Fitbie are taking the web by storm, and showing bloggers how to keep fit.

You’ll be pleased to know that MSN’s Fitbie is a site which is dedicated to helping you lose weight and keep fit, and a recent article over on their website lists seven ‘surprising’ reasons, why you may have gained weight during the winter period.

That article is just a taster of what is available on the website, as it will also offer eating tips to help you diet, and also quick-access to two week diet plans if you want to start losing weight straight away.

The Fitbie website is barely a few months old, but they are already gaining a strong following over at their Twitter and Facebook pages as well. If you follow either of these pages, you’ll be able to read ‘quick tips’ which may help you to lose weight whilst away from home. One example is their ‘Tasty Tip’ which reveals that restaurant portions are 250% bigger than a normal meal portion.

Their Facebook page is perhaps the more useful of the two, as the Facebook page includes a very handy discussions section, which will allow fans to interact with each other and share diet and fitness tips.

Are you a fan of Fitbie? Visit their website here and let us know if they helped you or not.



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