Surprising Weight Loss Tricks: Fitbie Takes Web By Storm

By Alan Ng - Feb 9, 2011

The web is something most people cannot live without, and while it makes a lot of us exercise less, new sites like MSN’s Fitbie are taking the web by storm, and showing bloggers how to keep fit.

You’ll be pleased to know that MSN’s Fitbie is a site which is dedicated to helping you lose weight and keep fit, and a recent article over on their website lists seven ‘surprising’ reasons, why you may have gained weight during the winter period.

That article is just a taster of what is available on the website, as it will also offer eating tips to help you diet, and also quick-access to two week diet plans if you want to start losing weight straight away.

The Fitbie website is barely a few months old, but they are already gaining a strong following over at their Twitter and Facebook pages as well. If you follow either of these pages, you’ll be able to read ‘quick tips’ which may help you to lose weight whilst away from home. One example is their ‘Tasty Tip’ which reveals that restaurant portions are 250% bigger than a normal meal portion.

Their Facebook page is perhaps the more useful of the two, as the Facebook page includes a very handy discussions section, which will allow fans to interact with each other and share diet and fitness tips.

Are you a fan of Fitbie? Visit their website here and let us know if they helped you or not.

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  • JustLikeYou

    Food companies will provide options in food choice i.e.: low carb, low sodium, low sugar but what I find is that to consider a healthier lifestyle costs. The price of fresh food is continually increasing with our disposable income not being able to transition to a newer lifestyle.

    Consider portion control and eat more of fruit and veggies as opposed to the bad stuff. But, say to yourself 'on occasion, I will treat myself to a meal/snack/drink as a treat, not feeling guilty about it'.

  • JustLikeYou

    Mark, all companies are behind your wallet, sorry to say. Weight loss is certainly 'mind over matter'. You have to reach a point in your life when losing weight no longer becomes an option, but a state of mind and purpose. You can recieve support from family and friends which indeed, is helpful. However, at the end of the day, you have to make up in your mind that this is something that you want to achieve for yourself. Reading stories on the web of individuals that have achieved or in the process of achieving their goal is always good inspiration. Personal accountability in relation to your food intake can be facilitated with good weight loss tools and recipe ideas found online (if you consider yourself a relatively good cook, that is!)

  • mark

    Is there any real solution for weight loss or all companies behind my wallet? I have tried many products for weight loss, but none, none has given me any results. Can someone help me with a solution on this please?

    • kimbery

      I am a nutritionist. Eat whole foods with the majority being fresh fruit and vegetables. By whole foods I mean foods in their natural state not processed in a box or can. This will increase your energy level which will get you moving. There are no quick fixes unless you want to take those weight loss supplements which are a "fix" not a solution . Go and walk. Walking is a wonderful exercise to lose weight.

    • christine

      The cheapest option is good old diet and exercise.

    • john henry

      Mark ..i know it sounds like cliches ..however i have been fighting weight my whole life… best results are to dramatically cut calories…while continuing to eat healthy..i.e. ..stop snacking..eating between meals…eating late at night..etc.. get on a reasonable exercise program that can be maintained.. cut down significantly on your alcohol intake..but mostly.. develop and maintain lifestyle changes that are sustainable…the first 3-4 weeks are hardest,.. but once past that point it becomes alot easier

    • reteacher

      Mark, I told my husband this year I am in it for the long hall, or I will end up at the end of this year the same as I was at the end of last year. I have made it my priority and am telling myself that my workouts are "treatments". I am treating my weight as though it were an illness. If I had a long term illness, and the exercising and eating well were what would get me healthy, I'd do it. So, that is how I am looking at it. I will be 50 years old next week, and I need to lose 57 pounds. I am eating healthy food, but REAL food, and working out on an elliptical machine with a few weights in between rounds on the elliptical. When I don't want to do it, I remind myself, I didn't want to go to chemo treatments either, but that is what got rid of my cancer, and this is what is going to get rid of my weight.