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Sony NGP (PSP2) Vs Nintendo 3DS: Which has better Graphics?

If you are planning to pick up either the Sony NGP or the Nintendo 3DS handheld, you are probably wondering which system has the best graphics. You may think that Sony is the easy winner here, but a video we’ve got to show you proves otherwise.

If you watched Sony unveil the NGP (Next Generation Portable), in Japan recently, you’ll know that the hardware specs are very impressive, and the initial lineup of games that were shown are very promising.

On the other side, Nintendo are raising a few eyebrows too, with the obvious step up in graphics quality compared to the now outdated Nintendo DS. The video below gives a demonstration of some of the graphics on offer for both systems, as well as giving side by side comparisons of some of the same titles on the 3DS and NGP, such as Metal Gear Solid.

It’s true that the NGP will be bringing portable versions of Killzone and Uncharted at some point, but we think the 3DS is equally as impressive with the likes of Super Street Fighter IV 3D almost on par with PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.

Which handheld do you think has the best graphics? Take a look at the video below courtesy of RealGamerNewz and let us know your choice. Are you going to buy both systems or just one?



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