Sony NGP: Price at GameStop – Would you buy for $299?

By Alan Ng - Feb 9, 2011

Following on from our earlier report on the Sony NGP handheld which gave you a graphics comparison alongside the Nintendo 3DS, it looks like Sony were correct when they informed the world that pricing for the new PSP would be ‘affordable’.

We were fearing a potential price point of $300+ for the Quad Core system, but we’re pleased to inform you that some leaked internal shots from GameStop, obtained by MukYou prices the NGP at $299 – definitely an affordable price for most of you.

Considering the fact that the Sony PSP Go is currently priced at $225 over at Amazon, you have to say that $299 is a very fair deal considering the sheer capabilities of the device, providing this price point is legit of course.

To give you a run through of what you’ll be getting for $299, the Sony NGP features a 5-inch OLED capacitive touchscreen, dual analogue sticks, a Quad Core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, 3G connectivity and much more. You can check out more specs in our previous report here.

We’re guessing that a lot of you are plesantly surprised with the $299 price point here presuming it’s accurate. Maybe Sony has learned from their mistakes with the PSP Go and are finally willing to listen to consumers. If this thing stays at $299, it’s going to fly off the shelves and really make Nintendo take notice.

Would you buy the Sony NGP if it’s priced at $299?

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  • where can i buy this ngp?

  • sepehr

    😕 im think it come about 500$ !!! but if come 300$ i will buy two !! for play multi with my family ! 😀

  • Tonio

    If it's 400 and up plus 3G no but if it's stays 299 I'll be the first one in line please sony 300 300 300 not 600

  • realist

    You sado's what the heck does it do different at least Nintendo's console is doing something new and creative, any company out there can make powerful devices its not the power its what you do with it 3ds over NGP any day psp got batterd by ds and so will this lol

  • Mary W

    I'd buy it for way more than that. Yeah I could sit and play the ps3 on my tv but some days k don't want to and that is where the NGP comes in. If I can play games on my psp and iPhone I'm sure the NGP's screen will be eye candy. As an added bonus I'm always in awe of new technology so to me it's a must have.

  • Kenshi D.

    At $299.99 with 3G i would be the first to pick it up at the store.

  • joe

    just to instigate a bit here, I have to say no. NGP really markets around "holding the power of a console in your hands." If you have a console already, what's the point of playing the NGP especially when you're at home when you can play on your HD tv instead of the squinting at NGP's tiny LED screen. Hands down, I know that NGP is powerful, but it might be just me, but I don't like the 300 dollar price tag considering that Sony might disappoint us with an even higher price tag. I think that the NGP will have to sell for less than $250 to beat the 3ds and smartphone gaming as the NGP's features really appeal to the small group of people who are really hard core gamers (the ones who would probably play the NGP everywhere and everyday if they had the chance).

    • Leggy

      i could say the same about nintendo ds since u have nintendo wii whats the point? i could say the same about high end android phones made more for gaming, if u can run better games on ur pc whats the point?
      Infact. i could say the same about a Cellphone capabilities of beying able to get called out of your house anywhere u want as long as you have a signal, if you have a big wired telephone inside your house with a good speaker whats the point?!

      The point is, you use your telephone when you are out of your house, you use the console when you cannot access your house, be it in a car on a road trip, on vacations in a hotel or any other place in the world except from your house…

      This comment and destructoid of "why will ngp fail" is really biased and senseless, thats why its freaking called portable device.

      Furthermore no, i would think Sony would be really stupid to make such a piece of a console like nintendo ds and run kids graphics games on it just so it can please the young mob…. why would they do it? they would fail miserably since nintendo has that low range games covered with millions and millions of clients already.

      Hence why ngp will ruin everything in graphics quality, its a section of gaming which is expected by ppl who actually hate to pay alot of money for a console that is barely worth your symbian s60v3 phone performance.

      So you can run gt5 on your ngp 5'' oled screen, how many ppl wouldnt want that?
      Expecially for those who take long trips and barely have time when they reach home.
      I think psp1 prooved that it was a sucess and its proof enough ngp will also be a huge sucess, it will not sell as many systems as nintendo because its going to be more expensive and there are far more kids on this planet who want a console than a grown up man and since the nintendo ds have that child graphics quality like ofc the kids is gonna choose the more fluffy and colourfull console instead of a "whatever quad core cpu and gpu means" or whatever is an OLED etc…

      Leave the kids games for Nintendo
      We need Sony for High Quality Games

  • Jesus

    id buy the psp2 for 299 before i buy the 3ds for 249

  • ash