Samsung Galaxy Indulge (Forte): Possible Specs and Price

By Alan Ng - Feb 9, 2011

You may be eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S 4G on T-Mobile this month, but we have just heard of yet another Samsung ‘Galaxy’ handset, which may be heading to Verizon and yes, it’s another 4G LTE capable device.

As reported from Engadget, a handset known as the Samsung Galaxy ‘Indulge’ has showed up on the MetroPC website, carrying with it the model number SCH-R910.

There is no included picture of the handset with the listing, but we do have inital specs and a price to share with you. The Indulge will be heading to Verizon as another 4G LTE handset, with key specs including a 3.5-inch display screen, a 1Ghz processor and WiFi connectivity. You’ll be ‘relieved’ to hear that the handset, also known as the ‘Forte’ will be running Android 2.2 Froyo, so an update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread is definitely a possibility.

As for price, MetroPC has it listed for $399. Before you get worried, this price will be the off-contract price – so perhaps the Indulge will be Verizon’s lower-end 4G LTE handset after the HTC Thunderbolt. We’ll update you when we hear more about this.

What are your thoughts on Samsung’s continued insistence to ship new handsets with Android 2.2 Froyo?

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  • Unhappy Customer

    Well, although they make a great product, no more Samsung for me, I have the Captivate (Galaxy S with AT&T). After a promise of upgrading to Android 2.2 back in August 2010, I am still waiting. I get a "prepared" answer from Samsung that basically shows their lack of care for the consumer once a product has been purchased. They told me they are testing to ensure it is ready for my phone, yet the same phones in Canada with Rogers (formerly Rogers AT&T) already have the upgrade. Not sure of what the hold up is, but the consumer is the loser as they battle with the US carriers and hold us hostage while releasing the new OP system with their new phones. "Upgrade to 2.3 is possible", but don't hold your breath.