Nokia: Google Android vs. Windows Phone 7

By Peter Chubb - Feb 9, 2011

You cannot help but admire Nokia CEO Stephan Elop, where he laid down the truth about his company being in trouble. He pointed out how Nokia has been left behind by Apple and its iPhone and to add salt in the wounds allowed the same thing to happen with Google Android as well. If they are not careful they will not have much left to fight for, so changes have to be made and offering handsets like the E6 is not going to do it.

Fortune Tech said that Elop sent an email to all company employees, and reading things like their OS is a “Burning platform” would have certainly got their attention. This is certainly a worry, as jobs are on the line here; so what can the phone maker do? Well there are two choices on the table, one is to join forces with Google Android and the other is Windows Phone 7.

The WP7 choice seems the most likely of the two, but we informed you a few days back that Android is now in the running. This is a tough call to make, but given the two we believe that Microsoft is the best choice for both. Android is already a successful mobile OS, but Windows Phone 7 is struggling to gain momentum.

If Nokia were to join with Microsoft’s mobile operating system, then only then could they ever hope to take on the two giants. Do not take our word for it though, Nokia is a strong brand, but allowing this to happen twice in the space of almost four years is certainly not a good sign.

This will be a hard pill for Nokia to swallow, but the future of the company is now at stake – though choices have to be made. Looks as though the choice might have already been made, if we are to believe what Know You Mobile is reporting.

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  • dinesh kumar diwakar

    pls publish nokia android phone as soon as possible

  • mike

    guys win phone 7 is so disappointing!!:(((i have it for one month, system lacks
    bluetooth exchange for pictures,videos and music, no mp3 ringtones, no file manager,no gps navigation(bing maps suck badly)squares on the screen are to big, once you will load you phone with apps be prepared for endless scrolling, no settings of any kind(no customization) camera forgets settings-always returns to default(annoying as hell). handsets are great but OS i so lame!!going back for droid with flowers in hand:)

  • Charlie

    Nokia should follow both android and W7. HTC is doing well because it follows both of them. No matter which one OS will die. Nokia is a hardware factory,it is not smart just bind to one software company.


    Both should follow neither.Then Nokia would have 4 OS. If it could license iOS as well, maybe as a settlement of the ongoing litigation between Nokia and Apple, even better. Cell phones like cars should come with all linds of operating systems–turbos, deisels, electrics and hybrids, and even furl cells once tech improces.

  • GVu

    How about taking the choice of supporting both like other vendors are doing? One problem with Nokia marrying the WP7 platform is that if it flops, Nokia will be back to square one (and in worse shape.) Remember most markets only support two big players. Right now we have iOS and Android. Neither has shown any momentum loss. WP7, no matter what merits it has, has a big hill to climb.

    Microsoft needs Nokia more than Nokia needs Microsoft.