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No Adobe Flash In iPhone 5: McAfee Highlights RIsks

There are reports that mobile malware is on the rise, there are some saying that this a huge issue, while others ask is it a big deal? McAfee has been taking a closer look into this, and believe that it is things like Adobe Flash that makes this a bigger risk than it needs to be. This means that the iPhone 5 due out this year and other versions will not suffer the same issue as Windows Phone 7 or Google Android handsets, as Apple uses HTML5 instead.

In a recent report by the security experts they found that in Q4 2010 malware increased by 46 percent over the same period in 2009. It was found that Flash and PDF software were then main focus of these attacks. The main reason for this is because there are far more smatphones on the market compared to that same period in 2009 – with Android making up the huge bulk.

The Inquirer said that Apple must be feeling smug about now – well maybe Steve Jobs more so, as it was he who made a point of never allowing his iOS devices to run Adobe Flash, as he sad that it was too buggy.

An article on PCMag picks up on the fact that malware is now getting more sophisticated. As with computers these viruses do different things to the OS, these include making calls or texts to a specific numbers amongst other things. One thing is for sure, if things don’t change soon, then we can see the likes of McAfee and Norton offering their products to mobile devices as well.

However, the biggest offender to this issue is Adobe, so maybe they need to look at what is the cause of this issue and understand how they can address it. So if you want a handset that has no malware issues, then looks like you had better choose the iPhone – wait for the 5th-generation version though, as that is just over five months away now.



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