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Motorola Xoom: Pre-Release Accessories

The Motorola Xoom looks to be coming out towards the end of the month, but before the device itself is available Motorola have put some accessories on its website.

When you are on the Motorola Xoom web page there is an option on the right for accessories, upon clicking this you are greeted with three different items. First up is a wireless keyboard which is of a thin design, and has keys which take you straight to your Android apps. This can be used with any mobile device which supports Bluetooth HID.

Next up is the Standard Dock for the Xoom; this will keep your device charged while you are using the device. It also keeps the Xoom at a nice angle for watching films or browsing photos.

Finally there is the Portfolio Case, which not only safely stores the Xoom but can be used to hold the device at different viewing angles depending on the user’s preference. What other accessories would you like to see for the Xoom?



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