HP / Palm webOS Event: Live Blog And Time

Events in 2011 are certainly gaining momentum, as we have already seen a few, such as the recent one from Sprint and the one for Google Android 3.0. The next on the list is HP / Palm webOS called “Think Beyond” and we have details of the live blog and the time that it will start for your time zone.

One can only presume what will be announced, but we have heard many hints of a range of new handsets, as well as a possible tablet device. We recently saw a video of a new device, but we were unable to tell what it was, which certainly got us scratching our heads.

The event is all set to start at 10am PST; all other times can be seen here.

One blog that will be covering the event is Engadget, as always they will give you the facts as they come in. They will also have other writers working behind the scenes to gather up all the information on possible new products and write up articles quicker than most other sources on the Internet.

CNET will also have a live blog of the event, and they seem very interested in what the new team will be showing off. Not only do they believe that smartphones and tablets will be at the event, but also printers as well.

IntoMobile has high hopes of the Palm Pre 2 making its debut; we just hope that the company is able to give the new device something unique to make it stand out over the multitude of other smartphones on the market.

What expectations do you have for the webOS event today?



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