Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) – Bring Back The?

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 6, 2011

Love or hate the Call of Duty franchise, in terms of success you cannot help but be amazed. The billion-dollar franchise will not please all followers, but they will do their best to try and achieve just that with each release, and 2011 will be no different.

You may have noticed in our last post about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, that three is not a crowd anymore and it looked like three studios may be involved in COD MW3, but will this be an advantage or disadvantage with so much input?

We have enjoyed reading wish lists for MW3 weapons and perks, which you can read more on over in this article. The range of ideas is vast, with some gamers asking for a complete fresh start, which sounds a bit crazy considering each game had its good and bad bits, so why not take the best from all the previous games including Black Ops.

There is so much that could be brought back, featured in Modern Warfare 3 and also add some new ideas. This could include quick scoping, specialized classes, certain guns from previous games, and camo that personally suits you.

Lets think about Call of Duty games from Black Ops to the very first game, what would you like them to bring back?

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  • Daliborjosic7

    when and are they gonna bring the intervention

  • assassin

    the intervention is called MSR in mw3

  • RC

    IDC what they do, as long as they somehow bring back the intervention

  • Carlkemp360

    in the theater in mw3 is it a hold all ur best killcams or what

  • Bradmarshall2010

    Bring back overkill one of my favorit perks

  • I would say they would bring back FMJ attachment  to the m16 instead of using hardened as a perk for increase bullet penetration.Also they should make more perks like six and you can pick any perk you want instead of getting it from the category 🙂

  • The online play for black ops was the worse I have seen in 26 years…Treyarc sucks

  • Okay so heres a thought…Fix the bs lag that black ops has and hey im down for watever after that 🙂

  • Bring back stacking killstreaks but leave out the NUKEEEEEEEEE 

  • Bring back stacking killstreaks but leave out the NUKEEEEEEEEE 

  • Dave

    love the mw2 graphics and also overkill… also why not take all the eras (wwii, cold war, modern) and put them together or select whether u wanna play with ww2 guns,maps, etc or vietnam or modern… more attachments, custom camos, choose what rail you want to put the attachment on… i think thats it… for now

  • Tcams100

    do not have the wa2000 it sucks bring in a new improved sniper

  • Tcams100

    if you wont the game to be a bigger hit put in more guns like the Calico

  • Danylo

    Alright. do you know what really annoyed me about Black ops? you had to buy your attachments. i like MW2 better because you earn your attachments.
    i also think that if you have multiple killstreaks you earned, that you should be able to choose which one you would like to use first.

  • RED

    Bring back the following perks:

    1) Stopping Power

    2) Commando


  • Nunn

    How about ditch the lame single player/pointless coop missions that can only be played once and instead focus on…
    Adding more weapons (10-20 per category)
    Map creator,
    Custom camos (Think like 10-20 textures with the ability to overlay and add in a color wheel)
    Bring back stopping power AND overkill place both on tier with ghost equivalent
    Place Extra ammo perk instead as an equipment choice
    and possibly different level of ballistic armors

  • poodl

    ground war search and destroy would be aaaaaeeewwwssssoooommmmmmmmm

  • Jesse

    Or you could shut your mouths and stop telling some of the best developers in the world how to do their jobs. Let's just pray that they're not banging ice and dropping acid while they do it, because no one wants another Black Ops…

  • jesus

    it will get killed by you know what…

  • Annoyed person

    For all you people who think noobs toobs are for people who suck, well if your so good then you would figure out how to stop them so shut up and improve your d*** tactics.

  • harry

    I would like to see no commando, but a pro perk that stops u from taking falling damage? and two of each colour perk. If they were goin to put sitrep back in they should make it easier to get. Keep the Nuke its good fun to go for, but make it only a twenty kill streak. No tactical knives, they are pointless. AND keep attack dogs in the game. I would defanitaly play that game!!

  • sean

    make it like black ops just make killstreaks stake and put stopping in with ghost

  • Jackryan10

    4 player split screen online MP
    and just make it like mw2, like graphics wise, black ops is like a cartoon and is just rubish.
    keep the campaign going from mw2. and yeah, make it a good game, because if its shit, the call of duty franchise are f*cked


    after all of these ideas and think :HOW MUCH DID YOU ENJOY PLAYING COD 4 the maps were amazing there were awsome sniping spots but also routes to get around them. so all i ask is remember cod4 IW it was one of the best console games they ever made but along with bringing back that cod4 element make it realistic like destructable buildings. on snowy maps make it so sometimes there are avalanches halfway through the game, have sand storms on desert maps. and last of all the ability to give ammo to teammates instead of puting coordinates on a map have more interaction with teammates like when someone gets shot in the leg they wouldnt be able to walk as good so you could help them out by carrying them somwhere safe. sure that would encourage people to camp BUT THINK ABOUT WHAT I SAID ABOUT COD 4.

  • sebastian

    I think mw3 should bring back overkill . one of my fav perks .also have a juggernaut suit but walk/run slower also have impact on walls when you shot them with explosives, bigger maps would make the game better for snipers also certain guns should come back like the: r700, g36c, mp5 not k , and more assault rifles . A cool theme music would make the game exiting. and no old school weapons like the model 1887 , and great gun camos but not like black ops camos that are garbage and strange,, some cool camos that match with the maps.


    put qsing like in mw2 and trick shots so wut if u cant do that in real life itz a video game da make everything the same the aiming of snipers and everything except 1shot kills 4 sniper riflles but get rid of replemishing noob tubes with scavenger and one man army and screw buying your weopons and screw hardened hav fmj to thats wut its for it increases the damage and bullet penetration and hav ak47 and desert eagle and no buying anything unlock it il tell u one thing i played black ops til i wuz lvl 50 non prtestige and i didnt like it one bit niether did my bro or my friends its bulshit i thought black ops wuz a waste of money infact i stil ply mw2 insted of black ops i bet if u put qsrs and non qsrs together and ask them quick scoping or no qsing most of them wood say yes qsing like in mw2 and those people that said that r the qsers and ik for a fact theres mor qsers than non qsers yea stil make machine guns but also hav the aiming and everything the same as in mw2 same with the snipers same aiming to qs look cool in killcams cuz it flows its nice in clean in the killcams and u no wut itl b fair for every1 then if thers quickscopes and machineguns i tell u what if thers qs ibet u more people would end up trying to quick scope and then that means more snipers and more money to the people making mw3 thank u for leting evry1 posts comments here i hope this info gets to the people making mw3 and im also pretty sure optic and faze would aprove of this and screw jd 2020 PIECE!!!!!!!

  • vwvDMSAvwv

    I say we do co-op online campaign.(optional.)
    4 perks.
    A game mode like search and destroy but we just eliminate players and not have to destroy or defend a bomb just eliminate each other like tdm but no respawn and 6 players.
    Make title designs that we buy (like mw2 but we can write our own text) emblems that we buy and only have to unlock the moving ones.
    More camos or custom design camo.
    More realistic deaths like limbs blown/torn off when shot and have buildings (little) actually be destroyed
    Have two special grenades one grenade (unless you have bling pro) and an equipment (like black ops).
    Money to buy weapons, camos, attachments, equipments titles, emblems (except moving gold ones).
    Make money more valuable, killstreaks worthless, have same killstreaks from mw2 and more new modern warfareweapons (from real life), and different classes can have different killstreaks.
    Same 10 prestige newer/cooler prestige emblems (like black ops).
    Night vision goggles or thermal goggles, guns have more bullets and damage, more realistic damage done when shot like you walk slower and see blury for a while (but can still shoot normal).
    Have mask customization like ghost's mask and more like a tiger or a snake. More custom character like sunglasses or color of uniform, emblem on shoulder, over heart, leg, and have all the noises from mw2 like when you call in a nuke or complete a challenge, or unlock stuff
    Be able to enter cars and camp in them
    5 letter clan tag.
    Title custom word letters atleast 30 letted. (PLEASE!).
    Have special ops but with more than just 2 players, up to 6 online, 4 offline.
    Have quickscoping and diving, spray with barret 50 cal.

  • dave

    get extra points for a nut shot

  • BIGTEAM 12on12 COD!

    Make BIGGER MAPs and SMALLER MAPS. Bring back shipment. more players in bigger maps with 12 on 12 atleast. Thats what i want more then anything is to be able to play 12 on 12 at smallest on a big az map with bunch of my friends.

  • Craig

    Ok , lets face it, black ops has bored me 🙁 . Sure is was cool to be able to dolphin dive through a window like a was Chuck Norris and it is cool tht they have zombies , theater mode, interactive maps and more kill steaks but there is just no real fun about it

    For modernwarfare3;

    .Keep the same game engine as before ( keep the diving cause it kinda fun )
    .Bring back shot guns as secondary weapons cause a cant always rely on my pistol :(:(
    .Quickscopeing should return ( although this is annoying for some people it is what makes Call of Duty Good )
    .Bring back over kill perk !!
    . Make the maps interactive like in black ops where you can destroy bridges on discovery ect.
    . Weather in the map ?? Eg . on a desert map start a sand storm mid-way through
    . A lot more game modes and specific ones desinged for specific people how want snipers disabled or whatever
    .Bring back all the maps from MW2, MW1 but improve there graphics ,make them interactive and stuff
    . New Maps !!!
    .Lots more guns and attachments !! eg. bring back guns like ACR, M40A3 , Intervention but add guns like guns like AW50, L115 and others
    . dont make kill streaks stackable again !!! + add lots of new killsteaks
    .bring back theater mode !! + its good if you are not recording and you get something you would have liked to record !!
    .add zombie + spec ops
    . make the campaign have a co-op option !!
    . make the map packs cheaper !! 800 or less 🙂

  • rednose234

    they should use the blackops system for hardcore where players are kicked out of matches for repeatedly killing their teamates. because that was some bs in mw2

  • Henry

    I like how Black Ops had basically eliminated the "camping" aspect of online gameplay and focused more on the accuracy of the gun shots. I hope they continue that trend with MW3. It makes the game so much more fun when you don't have a team of people sitting in one spot with claymores everywhere. lol

    And how about a Blackbird Killstreak as well. I love that as an option in Black Ops. And as far as nukes go, BRING IT BACK. Love the Nuke!!

  • ryan

    they need flak jacket, layered killstreaks where if you have them built up you can pick one to use maybe with the d-pad, NO shotgun secondaries, importable emblems just ban people completely for porn, theatre mode,QUICK SCOPING, QUICK SCOPING, QUICK SCOPING (why would treyarch take out one of the sexiest killcams?), and upgraded MW2 graphics just throw away the treyarch garbage, it went backwards

    they dont need stopping power, juggernaut, commando (maybe take out the knife all together no one could put ur gun away and pull that out that fast), noob tubes,

  • Chiffon

    1. Bring back stopping power.
    2. Ghost can stay, but your primary weapon in the class that has it must be a sniper rifle.
    3. Quickscoping can return.
    4. Noobtubes: Do not return.
    5. Air support: Receive one extra flare when attempted to be shot down.
    6. Killstreaks: Are stackable again.
    7. Guns: Favorites from MW2 such as the ACR
    8. Attachments: Are buyable like in Black Ops.

  • kyle

    this is a long shot but i think that it would be a great idea with not every person had a knife in the magic portal that can be whipped out in 0.5 seconds while holding a m60 MG. i think the knife should be a weapon on its own. i mean how realistic is it when someone is running around with a m60 and it just magically disapears and there is a knife inside someone already.

  • zifi1997

    Make massive maps with lots of people, leave quickscoping in it (loved it) all those people saying it was crap IT IS A GAME NOT REAL LIFE AND IT TOOK A LOT OF SKILL, keep commando, i didnt mind it
    NOOB TUBERS SUCK take them out keep explosives as secondary weapons and have a game mode for seperate people, knife only, sniper lobby, launcher lobby
    basically this mode im thinking of is like wager mode, you vote on a map and game type

  • Leon

    i think there should definitely be quickscoping, take out last stand, and put some new thing like zombies but their own new thing. not special ops, though. and i want oma and danger close because i like spawn tubing

  • XxSeBaStIAN

    Mw3 should have more modern guns swandive and be realistic